i Hand Massager Review – Is This Portable Massager Worth?

i Hand Massager Review – Is This Portable Massager Worth?

i-Hand Massager Review: Maybe you didn’t know this, but getting a hand massage is not only relaxing, but also beneficial to your health. Reflexology confirms that, in addition to improving mobility and circulation, your hands have several points that are connected to various organs and body parts, which get immediate relief.

An American company, with a well-known history in the beauty sector, aware of the fact that massaging your hands can relieve pressure points, pain, and swelling that can be caused by arthritis and carpal tunnel, has developed a device to help reduce those symptoms.

The electric hand care and pain relief massager that reduces finger numbness and joint pain, and relaxes hand muscles is now available in our country. Recommended by 98% of people.

What is i-Hand Massager?

i Hand Massager

i-Hand Massager is an electric hand care and pain relief massager that reduces finger numbness and joint pain, and relaxes hand muscles is now available in our country. Recommended by 98% of people.

  • The hand massager that helps relieve arthritis symptoms
  • Reduces finger numbness, joint pain, and relaxes muscles and warms your hand
  • Cares for your hands and helps relieve pain and regain strength

How does it work?

The i-Hand Massager utilizes sophisticated microchip programming to create a customizable relaxing rhythm that massages acupressure points in your fingers, palm, and upper and lower parts of the hand.

Regular massaging of the hand area can help reduce pain and improve mobility.

It works like acupuncture and hits pressure points in your hand, strengthening them.

Key Features

  • Air Compression Massage
  • Male & female two mode
  • Heating hot compress
  • Automatic timing
  • Three level massage strength
  • Charging design wireless use
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Heating Modes

Why do I need this i-Hand Massager?

Features of i Hand Massager

Nobody likes suffering from finger and hand pain. This is one of the most common symptoms of arthritis, followed by tingling and carpal tunnel, and the finger numbness it causes.

The benefit that you get with i-Hand Massager is that it is able to work on these symptoms over time when used regularly. 

  • Two modes of use and three power levels
  • Smart technology
  • Customizable relaxing rhythm

Main Benefits

  1. Electric Massager: The electric massager for taking care of your hands and relieving pain.
  2. Helps Prevent Dryness and Dehydration:  It reduces finger numbness, joint pain and relaxes hand muscles.
  3. 50% Off: Today’s special offer: get 50% off and free shipping.
  4. Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery: The hand massager is portable and has a long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  5. Helps Relieve Aches And Pains: Reflexology confirms that hand massage can help improve mobility and circulation in your hands.
  6. Smart Technology: The i-Hand Massager uses sophisticated microchip programming to generate a relaxing and customizable rhythm which imitates a pressure-point massage of your fingers, palm, and back of your hand.

How to use it?

The process of using this awesome gadget is very simple. All you have to do is insert your hand in the portable massager. Turn on the power button given at the top.

It is made up of tiny airbags that inflate to apply pressure to different parts of the hand, relaxing muscles and activating circulation. You have the option to select from two modes and three levels of intensity.

What do people have to say about the i-Hand Massager after trying it?

A girl using i Hand Massager

The electric hand massager is ideal for people who suffer from numbness, joint pain, arthritis, or other problems. With the battery, you can take the device anywhere and improve people’s health, especially elderly people.  David A.

This was a gift for my father. He wasn’t able to sleep due to pain from arthritis. Since he started using the massager, he hardly has any pain. It was a great decision, he uses it every day. It was the best gift I could have given him. Susana D.

If you’re looking for a massager because you have cold hands, it hurts to use a computer mouse, or your fingers are dry or numb, there’s no doubt that this device is perfect for improving the health of your hands. In my case, I bought it for an elderly family member who has arthritis, and they’ve had great results relieving everyday pain. Isabel D.

How to place your order?

All you have to do is follow these three steps to get yours:

Step 1: Order i-Hand Massager today from the official website to take advantage of a great offer.

2nd Step: Receive your shipment quickly.

3rd Step: Start using i-Hand Massager and reduce finger numbness and joint pain, and easily relax finger muscles.

It’s the perfect gift that is affordable and unique, and that you know your friends and family will use and enjoy.

Price of Electric Hand Massager

The manufacturer is currently offering this product at lower prices.

1 for $109.95

Most Popular – 2 for $189.95

3 for $249.95

Frequently Asked Questions


Of course! It can improve mobility and circulation, and reduce aches and pains.


Absolutely! You can bring it with you anywhere! It’s the perfect size to be 100% portable.


The device offers 3 levels of intensity, so you can choose based on your personal preference.