How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server: 4 Easy Steps

How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server: 4 Easy Steps

Discord is one of the top voice and text chat platforms with a multitude of plugins and other features that you may utilize. One of these capabilities is a surefire approach for live screen sharing. How to enable screen share on a Discord server is a question frequently posed by users seeking this function.

Discord allows you and up to nine other users on your server to use its in-live video calling and screen-sharing features concurrently.

The application makes screen sharing incredibly simple and useful, and it is also entirely free. If you want to share your screen with a few pals or stream video games, Discord is the greatest program available.

Installing and Setting up Discord for Screen Sharing

Downloading and installing Discord is a simple process that requires no effort. Once that is resolved, ensure that a microphone is installed and ready to use. A desk camera is required in order to engage in a video call with your buddies. Additionally, you might utilize your phone as a temporary camera for your PC. Google “how to use phone as a webcam” for additional information.

Start by ensuring that your microphone is turned on and that your video hardware can transmit your screen through Discord. If necessary, connect your camera, and you will be ready to share your screen. In addition, the screen-sharing capabilities of Discord are no longer restricted to desktop computers, but can work on mobile devices.

Once you have properly configured everything, you can easily test them by navigating to the Discord settings. Click Voice and Video to bring up a menu that allows you to change the volume and verify that everything is functioning properly.

There are a few things you must ensure in order for Discord to perform exactly as you desire. If you intend to play games and stream simultaneously, ensure that your graphics card has sufficient capacity. Ensure that your internet connection is reliable. If you are using WiFi, ensure that your computer receives stable signals. If your WiFi is not up to par, you could consult the RangeXTD WiFi Booster review as a simple remedy.

Once these points are configured and your peripherals are functioning properly, you will be ready to go. The following outlines how to enable screen sharing on a Discord server.

How to enable screen share on the discord server?

Let’s proceed to the detailed steps on how to enable screen sharing on a Discord server. Once everything has been properly configured, you may utilize the “Go Live” option to share your screen or stream video games to your pals.

1. Setting up a Discord server

As soon as the gear and peripherals are ready for launch, you must configure a Discord server. Create a Discord account and log in through the desktop client. Once your account has been verified, Discord allows you to establish and customize your first server.

2. Add friends to your Discord

After setting up the server, you must ask current Discord users to join your server. Find your friends on Discord, or send them a direct invitation to join your server. To locate the server invitation link, click the server icon and then press invite. You will be given a link with a limited lifespan that you can share with your friends. As soon as your buddies have joined the server, you can share your screen.

3. Setup a voice channel

You must configure a voice channel for your newly created Discord channel. Simply build a channel with an appropriate name and invite your friends to join. You will then be able to communicate with your pals in real time. Now, you are permitted to share your screen.

4. Go live (Start Screen Sharing)

Once you have configured everything and learned how to enable screen sharing on the Discord server, use the Go Live button in the lower-left corner of your screen to begin screen sharing. On the pop-up window, select an application window or the entire screen to share. When you are ready to stream/share your screen, press the Live button.

This concludes the information required to allow screen sharing on a Discord server.

If you wish to join and view someone else’s Go Live stream, you must obtain permission to join their voice channel and view their feed. The shared screen will then appear on the right side of your screen, where you can modify its size and volume. You can view broadcasts you have been invited to on mobile, but you cannot share your own screen using the mobile version of Discord

Adjusting and Testing Video Settings

Adjusting a few video settings can make it simpler to ensure that your Discord screen sharing is functioning properly.

To adjust and test your video settings,

  1. Click the “gear” icon that appears next to your username on the settings screen.
  2. This link will lead you to “Application Settings.”
  3. Choose “Voice and Video” from the menu on the left.
  4. Go to “Video Settings” and choose your video camera.
  5. Click “Test Video” on the right to test screen sharing and ensure that everything is functioning properly.

You can also modify the broadcast settings once you’ve begun sharing your screen. Reducing quality and FPS settings can aid in reducing lag and hardware strain. For a better experience on a slower PC, it is recommended that you utilize lower settings.

Discord Screen Share Features

Once you’ve begun sharing your screen, there are various tools you may use to completely personalize the session to your specifications.

  1. Expand Down Arrow: On the far left side of the display, there is a downward-pointing symbol. Clicking on it will cause Discord to enlarge your video screen to the maximum height you have selected for windows in Discord’s settings.
  2. Swapping from video to screen share: Using the symbols at the bottom of the screen, you can switch between video calling and screen sharing. You can switch between the two at any point throughout the session, and you can determine when a window is shared with your channel.
  3. Mute toggle: Obviously, you can mute and unmute yourself with this microphone-shaped button.
  4. Full screen: Click the full-screen icon to expand the display to its maximum size. Press ESC to return to normal.

Go Live – Permissions (Screen Share Permissions)

If you are the owner or administrator of the server, you can alter the server’s permissions to allow or restrict certain users from joining or contributing to your stream. After knowing how to enable screen sharing on a Discord server, you can begin customizing your channel by adding permissions and plugins.


  1. Customize the voice channel’s permissions by right-clicking on the voice channel.
  2. Select “edit channel” followed by “permissions”
  3. You can now add a Role to a member by pressing “+” and choosing the appropriate individual.
  4. Scroll as far down as you can and click “Go Live” to begin sharing your screen with permissions and restrictions.


And that concludes it! This is how screen sharing can be enabled on a Discord server. After proper configuration, you will realize how simple screen sharing and streaming on Discord are. The only thing you would need, especially if you intend to stream a game, is a graphics card that permits you to play while streaming on Discord.


How can I view a screen sharing on my mobile Discord client?

If you are on a mobile device and wish to view a stream or screen sharing, all you need to do is download the application from your app store and sign in with your Discord ID. After opening it and accepting the invitation to join a channel, you will be able to observe the screen sharing or stream.

Discord screen sharing without sound?

If you wish to share audio in addition to your screen, you must have a functional microphone with you. If the issue with no audio persists, go to settings and select “Voice and Video.” Under speech options, verify that the input tab lists and uses your microphone. Check the input volumes and, if necessary, increase them. Check whether the input is designated as “push to talk” or “open mic.” Make the necessary adjustments.

Is screen sharing on Discord safe?

Yes, like the vast majority of applications that allow screen sharing, Discord is extremely secure and includes end-to-end encryption to protect your privacy. To discover how to enable screen sharing on a Discord server, consult the section above.

Can you record your screen using Discord?

With all of Discord’s features, it is disappointing that screen recording is not one of them. If you wish to record your screen, you may need to hunt for a different piece of software.

Can you share your screen using Discord mobile?

Yes, you can do so now! Previously, screen sharing was only allowed on PCs; however, as of the most recent patch, the Discord mobile version is also capable of screen sharing.