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In your opinion, how many hotel booking websites are out there in the world at this point in time? I’m sure you’d say hundreds or even thousands. Isn’t? As a result, it can be difficult to determine which hotel booking site is best for your needs. Finding the best option can be nearly impossible when there are so many to pick from, each offering slightly different deals and policies. Read about with us!

How to select the best hotel booking site?

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In the search for the best hotel booking site, there are a few hard and fast rules. As a result, a good hotel booking site will have some standard features and components. Also, the starting point, a user-friendly and intuitive website design is an obvious choice. As long as the site is visually appealing and easy to use, I will not even consider using a hotel booking service. Aside from that, I don’t think it belongs in the discussion of the best hotel booking sites if it doesn’t have a mobile app.

Of course, the content and features of a hotel booking website are also important considerations. Are the hotel rooms that a particular website offers really the most affordable or the best deals? Anyone with money and connections can start a website selling discounted unsold travel inventory. It is possible for anyone to claim to have the cheapest hotel rooms on the internet by launching a website like this.

There are also cancellation policies, reward schemes, and additional fees to be considered as well as the hotel’s quality and the amount of information that is provided. Concerns that aren’t immediately obvious can add up quickly. While these seemingly insignificant details may not seem important, they can make all the difference when it comes to finding the best place to book a hotel room. It’s important to know where to look for this type of information.

Your hotel booking site must be reliable, trustworthy, and reputable. Being in business for many years, providing exceptional customer service, and/or receiving many positive customer reviews are all ways to achieve this. Many people complaining that a hotel booking site has taken advantage of them leads me to believe that they are right. On the internet, you have to be careful about who you give your money to.

In the hotel booking arena, however, few are better known, more widely used, or more reliable than That little jingle would come to mind right away if I asked you to sing it; I have no doubt you could do it with ease. You’ve got it, don’t be shy. Do you want to sing along?! Expedia, which owns Hotwire, is one of the most powerful players in the online travel industry.

Why Hotwire is the best hotel booking site?

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Hotwire, despite being best known for their hotel booking services, offers a wide variety of digital travel services. In addition to booking cheap hotels, you can also book flights, rent a car, and purchase a budget vacation package from this website. It is one-stop shopping for all of your travel needs.

Although Hotwire provides a convenient one-stop shop for all of your travel needs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best hotel booking service for you. Many factors must be taken into consideration before a website can be dubbed “the best hotel booking site on the web,” as we just discussed. When it comes down to it, the tiniest details can make or break even the most beloved travel website.

In light of this, how do you think Hotwire compares to the rest? To be sure, there’s only one way to discover the truth here. The world’s most popular hotel booking site will be examined to see if its reputation is based on fact. I present to you without further ado! Now that song is stuck in your head, there’s no way to get it out!).

Who owns

Karl Peterson, Eric Grosse, Gregg Brockway, and Spencer Rascoff formed Hotwire in the year 2000 and launched it under the name “Hotwire“. Texas Pacific Group, a private equity firm, made a generous initial investment of $75 million in Hotwire. When Karl Peterson worked for Texas Pacific Group, he gave Hotwire an advantage that other startups could only dream about.

Six major airlines, all of which were early investors in Hotwire, offered discounted flights through Hotwire at its inception. It was Northwest (now Delta), Continental (now United), American Airlines and US Airways that flew the planes (now also American). Prior to its launch, Hotwire was known internally as Purple Demon.

The first acquisition of Hotwire occurred in September of 2003. IAC/InterActiveCorp paid $663 million for Hotwire, which, in my opinion, was a fair price. According to an internet research firm, Hotwire (along with cross-promotion with Expedia, IAC) managed to bring in an additional 1.5 million visitors per month to both sites in the year following that.

In the beginning, only sold opaque airline tickets (meaning that customers could see departure and arrival times, but not the specifics of what airline they would get). Within months, they had expanded their business to include opaque hotel reservations and rental cars. In 2003, vacation package deals became available, and in 2004, Hotwire started selling retail travel products for leisure travellers. In January 2007, Hotwire eliminated all airfare booking fees, a significant milestone for the site.

Hotwire, of course, is a major player in the online travel booking market today. Many of the sites that compete with Hotwire are also part of the Expedia Group, making it difficult to find a truly independent competitor. Without a doubt, Hotwire has cemented its position as one of the best hotel booking websites ever created.

How useful is

Save 60% off on Hotels via has a lot going for it, and one of those things is a stunning website. The site runs smoothly and looks great doing it. It’s easy to use and has a streamlined interface that I simply enjoy. Every step of the way, ensures that the experience is enjoyable and straightforward.

From the moment you arrive at the site’s homepage, this will be immediately apparent. You’ll find a simple search box at the very top of the page. Simply enter your travel dates and desired location to begin exploring world-class accommodations right away. This website does not mince words, which is something I look for in travel-related websites. No exaggeration, you can find and book the perfect hotel stay for you and your budget in just 5 minutes on Hotwire, if you already know what you want.

Once you’ve started your search, I think the browsing layout is flawless. Toward the bottom of the page, you will find a scrollable list of low-cost lodgings. There is a map on the right that lets you quickly and easily search for lodging by neighborhood or district. What about the top? You can find the filters and sorting options. I challenge you to find a hotel booking site with a more user-friendly interface.

How does it work?

How detailed can you take your search on The number of filters and sorting options available to you when searching for the best hotel booking site is critical. When it comes to this particular category, I believe Hotwire will live up to expectations once again. Stays can be filtered by price range, hotel class, amenities, number of areas, guest ratings, and even health and safety ratings (which, of course, are becoming increasingly important these days). also provides a slew of filtering options, including best match, price, class, and a slew of others.

Add in the fact that has a variety of travel options, including hotel bookings, flights, and car rentals, and you’ve got a potential powerhouse of an online travel agency. Is there a drawback to using Hotwire?

Only one exists. I’d like to see some sort of reward or loyalty program put in place for customers who return to well-known sites like this, such as a points system or something like that. For some reason, Hotwire lacks a similar rewards program. Because I’ve spent so much money on this site over the years, it’s a real bummer!

Does have an App?

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As good as the desktop site, Hotwire’s mobile app is even better. Among the many travel apps, I have installed on my phone, this is one of the few that has made the cut and is permanently installed. It’s not just me who loves this app. has an average rating of 4.8 out of 131,000 user ratings on the Apple App Store, making it one of the world’s highest-rated hotel booking apps.

What We Like and Dislike

  • You can filter hotels by zone or neighborhood
  • There is plenty of information about the surrounding area
  • Design of the site and mobile app is outstanding
  • Hotel deals at great prices
  • Bookings for hotels that are opaque (you do not know which hotel you will get until you pay)
  • There is no loyalty program or rewards program

Hotwire’s rating system

Hotwire rates each hotel on a scale of one to five stars, as you can see in the screenshots above. Any hotel with a rating below 4.0 raises red flags for me, but it’s up to you whether or not you go with it.

The TripAdvisor rating and the number of reviews it is based on are also included. You’re taking a chance on a hotel with a 5.0 rating based on one review.

You can learn more about the overall rating of a hotel by selecting it from the list below. You can find a more in-depth look at Hotwire’s rating in the chart further down. It displays the ratings for cleanliness, location, and more in the form of an interactive line chart.

This is how any other hotel booking engine works. Work through the screens that ask for your personal information and process your payment. The hotel you’ve been assigned will be revealed to you once payment has been received.


With Hotwire, booking trips is easy and you can save money, so you’ll travel more often and get more out of your trips. Due to their specially negotiated Hot Rate deals, they were one of the first online travel sites to offer deep discounts. They’re always hunting down and offering to you a variety of exclusive deals because that’s why they developed the best travel app for smartphones and tablets.  With Hotwire, you can find the best price in an amazing neighbourhood you want to explore, whether it’s a rental car for this weekend’s road trip or a last-minute hotel near friends or family.