Hiya Vitamins Review: MultiVitamins For Kids

Hiya Vitamins Review: MultiVitamins For Kids

Vitamins are essential for children’s optimal development and growth. As a parent, choosing nutrient-rich and sugar-free vitamins will be in your top priority list when you shop for them. Choosing the right supplement can be challenging because there are so many available. Hiya Vitamins is the perfect solution for this problem, read our review.

The chewable multivitamin minerals are the best choice to save you from experimenting with different supplements in search of zero added sugars. By reading all the reviews on this multivitamin, you will see what its benefits are.

Do you think you child is getting enough calcium?

It is important for parents to realize that kids cannot produce calcium on their own, so they require external sources of calcium. You cannot obtain calcium from food alone. It is therefore imperative that you supplement with Hiya vitamins because they are as effective as many supplements you might take.

Zinc: Zinc citrate is the form of zinc your child will receive in Hiya. Meat, poultry, and beans are usually sources of zinc citrate. paediatrician recommends this mineral as it supports the immune system.

Selenium: Among the most popular dishes are mushrooms and tuna. In contrast to other minerals that would disregard the importance of this mineral, Hiya will provide it for your children. There are many benefits of selenium, for example, it improves mood, sleep, and prevents inflammation.

Manganese: Manganese citrate is present in Hiya in 1.5 mg. The mineral acts as an anti-inflammatory just like selenium. Avocados, spinach, and bananas are among the foods that contain this vitamin.

Never confuse between Magnesium and manganese Children are particularly in need of this mineral as they strive to grow more than anything else.

Try Hiya Vitamins

Made with fruits and veggies: The Hiya vitamins contain 12 natural fruits and vegetables, including monk fruit sourced directly from the farm and blended based on modern science to fill in nutritional gaps. They do not contain any sugar.

Say Goodbye to Sugar Monsters:Healthy and strong children are the dream of every parent. Children’s growth depends on their parents. You don’t want to make the mistake of choosing a supplement that won’t offer a sugar-free taste because many vitamins rely on sugar rather than nutrients like pantothenic acid. 

If you have made a mistake one time, you may want to switch to a product that will provide your kids with all the vital nutrients they need.

Your kids nutritional needs can be met in every way with Hiya Vitamins. Your kids will love the fresh taste, as well as the nutritional value, of these healthy gummy vitamins made from monk fruit. A parent’s greatest reward comes from knowing that his or her children consume healthy food every day.

What are Hiya Vitamins For Kids?

A Hiya brand offers a variety of nutritional supplements for kids. Every parent is glad to know that Hiya commits and ensures that children receive the best vitamins without all the junk. It is undoubtedly true that most brands fail to deliver on their promises when it comes to kids’ vitamins. In additions, the ingredients used in other products will shock you. There’s nothing good about most of the vitamins on the market.

This chewable Hiya Vitamins will save you the hassle of shopping. You can be sure that this multivitamin contains vitamins derived from fruits and vegetables. How do these vitamins benefit the body? You will be getting many vitamins that are cleaner, stronger, and tastier each day.

Currently, most vitamins contain added sugars that concern parents. Hiya chewable supplement understands this concern. In light of this, we should take the time to study what this vitamin brings to the table. 

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Why Choose This MultiVitamin For Kids?

Mislabeled and unregulated vitamins are often dangerous for parents. Whenever a product promises its users a “super-power” experience, it misleds the parents.

Gluten-free and natural taste: The great thing about Hiya is their transparency about the gummy element ingredients that they use in their product and we enjoy being transparent as well. It is not a good idea to give your children more junk food with added sugar. As such, Hiya Vitamins use only natural ingredients. 

This chewable product contains a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables. The chewable vitamin contains 15 essential vitamins and minerals together to ensure the common nutritional gap is taken care of.

Naturally Sweetened: The emphasis is on vitamins and minerals that are healthy for children in order to boost their health and well-being. In addition to being chewable, these vitamins contain zero added sugar. Since it gives the impression that children are chewing gum, children love it. Mannitol and its antioxidants are the main sources of sweetness in this product. Pumpkin and strawberry juice are all-natural sweeteners. Did you know that? Dentists recommend Mannitol sweetener because it helps prevent tooth decay.

Optimized for freshness: You might assume that the freshness of vitamins is lost as this multivitamin sits on the shelves for months. Because of this, while you might believe your kid is getting the vitamins he needs, they actually aren’t. Hiya’s good thing is that they’ll fill your reusable bottles with fresh vitamins every month. If the manufacturer delivers the item to you free of charge, you need not be concerned about shipping charges.

You can purchase fresh vitamins every day, which offers you total flexibility. Hiya supplies your children with vitamins according to a paediatricians schedule, instead of using junk vitamins that are uncertain of their freshness. Besides the best nutritional value offered by this product, your kid will also be getting the best taste, the least amount of sugar, and no preservatives.

What makes Hiya Vitamins for Kids different from other children’s vitamins?

Hiya Vitamins

Fruits and Veggies: They provide nutrients including calcium, manganese, zinc, vitamin A, Vitamin B12, riboflavin (Vitamin B2), folate, and vitamin D as well as organic fruits and vegetables. Your child’s growth and development are supported by these nutrients and vitamins. You can fill in the nutritional gaps if you have picky eaters by choosing a vitamin that includes organic produce!

Sweetened With Monk Fruit: How much sugar is in a typical kid’s vitamin? None! They’re still very sweet, though there’s no sugar in Hiya’s Vitamins. Where does the sugar come from? Monk fruit naturally sweetens each chewable! Moosh monk fruit is considered a healthy food when consumed alongside mannitol, which comes from fruits and vegetables.

Natural Organic Ingredients: NO JUNK

  • No Dyes
  • No Preservatives
  • Naturally Sweetened with Monk Fruit
  • Non-GMO
  • Eco Friendly
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Delicious Taste
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Main Benefits

It is simple for children to forge a long-term bond with fruits and vegetables with Hiya Vitamins since they are produced with a terrific taste that appeals to children with ease. Additionally, it is a supercool strategy to encourage them to consume vitamins without sugar.

The Hiya Vitamins contain 12-15 different mineral types, promoting overall health, improving the immune system, promoting growth and stimulating the brain. Hiya Vitamins provide parents with a number of benefits, including:

Effective and user friendly: When it comes to buying a health supplement, all parents want excellent results, and that’s exactly what gluten-free hiya supplements promise to do. Fresh fruits and vegetables have been used; therefore, no allergens are present. This vitamin is an efficient product for you if your child’s health is your biggest concern.

Reusable glass bottle: In addition to enjoying its contents, your children can create artwork using the glass bottle. To reduce pollution in the environment and save on cost, customers can order different patches from the same bottle.

Further, the tablet contains 12 fruits that are naturally sweet. Children will love the bottles with stickers included with each subscription. Decorations are a child’s favorite thing, so the manufacturer has designed this supplement without preservatives so that taking it easily becomes a full-fun daily event.

Auto-delivery: By joining Hiya health, you won’t need to worry about depleting children’s vitamins every day; the supplements are delivered directly to your home. Subscribing is simple, and every order is shipped free of charge. With a company that delivers chewable, sugar-free vitamins right to your door each month, what else could you possibly need?

Hiya Vitamins Ingredients

Your curiosity about the preservatives and ingredients may be piqued as a parent.

In the reviews, it is mentioned that Hiya vitamins include 15 essential ingredients for optimal and healthy growth of young children.

Following are the ingredients of Hiya Vitamins.

Vitamin A: Sick children are the greatest source of fear for parents. They may have a weak immune system for that reason. Taking vitamin A-rich foods, such as kale, squash, and carrots, daily can boost and support your child’s immune system.

The fact that Hiya has vitamin A makes it even easier for you. Beta-carotene & Retinol palmitate are contained in 360mcg of this chewable. The fact that Hiya contains these two types of vitamins is a reflection of the importance of both to pediatricians.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is also present in this chewable multivitamin. Your child receives 40 mg of vitamin C for every bite. Vitamin C boosts your child’s immunity just like vitamin A. If your child takes this supplement regularly, reduce the extended illness such as a cold or viral infection.

Parenting is important because children are unable to produce vitamin C on their own. Thus obtain this mineral without preservatives.

Vitamin D: What is the reason for the deficiency of vitamin D in over 40% of children? A child who is picky eater, lives in a cold climate, or is diabetic stands out as having a higher risk.

Among the other ingredients Hiya uses is vitamin D. The product contains 25 micrograms of cholecalciferol, a type of vitamin. Vitamin D supports healthy bones, so you probably know its importance. Healthy and strong children are a blessing to any family. As a result, Hiya is crucial for nourishing them with vitamin D.

Vitamin E: As vitamins E helps to keep kids’ hearts healthy, paediatricians often recommend them to kids. Additionally, they boost kids’ immune systems.  Almonds, spinach, avocado, and other healthy foods recommended by your doctor for your kids. Hiya contains the same vitamin form (3.5 mg of D-Alpha Tocopherol). Other foods rarely list it as a component of the ingredients, which poses one of the major problems of getting it from them. If your children aren’t getting enough it might be hard to tell.

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Some Other Ingredients

Thiamin (B1): The mononitrate form of thiamin (B1) is contained in Hiya in amounts of 0.5 mg. Seaweed and legumes usually contain this form of the nutrient. Taking thiamin B1 from Hiya can be a good option if you are seeking a supplement. In addition to improving moods, concentration, and sleep, vitamins are necessary for healthy bodies. Taking care of all these things is very important for the health of your child.

For kids who eat processed foods often, like cereals and pizza, pediatricians recommend taking thiamin (B1).

Riboflavin: You will also provide your kids with 0.6mcg of natural riboflavin in Hiya. Your kids must be prescribed bananas, spinach, and other fruit and vegetables by their doctors. The nutrient riboflavin helps to boost one’s energy, promote the growth of body cells, and support the vision.

Vitamin B12: Keeping your kids well rested is vital. Besides, when they take food without preservatives, you want them to be bursting with energy. Methylcobalamin is present in Hiya in the amount of 2 mcg. This vitamin is often neglected by vitamin companies. Consequently, other products might lack vitamins B12 and C.

Vitamin B7: Biotin (B7) is found in the natural state in Hiya. Our priority is to ensure your kids’ healthy cellular growth, so Hiya includes certain factors to ensure this. Hiya is also known to improve the health of your kid’s skin.

Calcium: A vital nutrient for developing and maintaining healthy bones, calcium is another ingredient found in Hiya. Calcium carbonate is what you get in Hiya in an amount of 20 mcg.

Hiya Vitamins vs Smarty Pants

Hiya Vitamins

In the battle of Hiya Vitamins vs Smarty Pants, there is a clear winner – Hiya. It stood out to me because Hiya consists solely of organic fruits, vegetables, and 15 essential nutrients necessary for developing children.

The product contains ZERO sugar, no artificial ingredients, and no fillers. This is one of the only children’s brands I’ve found that doesn’t include tons of sugar.  The chewable tablets from Hiya offer an additional advantage. Your children’s teeth are no longer at risk by sugary gummies, and the next time their dentist asks, “Does your child eat gummies?”, I can confidently answer yes (I like to tell a little white lie). Its not gummies but yes it is Hiya, the best multivitamin for kids.

Smarty Pants isn’t being completely bad because they offer some great products, too. 

They are, however, not as healthy as Hiya due to a high sugar content (five grams) and the fact that eat them only twice a day.

In case you didn’t guess, Hiya is my brand of child’s vitamins (check out our reviews here). When they first receive them they enjoy decorating and personalizing them with their names and stickers. It’s great that they come delivered to my door every month without me having to worry about running out. Customer service has been nothing but amazing every time I have dealt with them.

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Are Hiya Vitamins Right For My Child?

Your child’s health should be your first concern, so you can decide if he or she needs a multivitamin. Providing your child with a daily vitamin may not be necessary if they eat a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients.

The growth and development of young children is rapid. Children learn to walk, talk, and eat solid foods especially when they are toddlers. Filling in any nutritional gaps with a trusted multivitamin is a great way to ensure your baby’s little body gets all the nutrients it needs to grow and develop properly.

In my experience, Hiya Vitamins are one of the best vitamins for kids on the market today, and I would definitely recommend them to others.

Pros and Cons of Hiya Vitamins

  • This organic fruit and vegetable smoothie is homemade with only organic ingredients
  • A healthy snack made with fruit and vegetables
  • Contains monk fruit as a natural sweetener
  • No added sugar
  • Preservative-free
  • Free shipping on fresh food delivered right to your door!
  • Packages made from recycled materials
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States
  • Testing by a third party
  • Comes in a reusable glass bottle
  • Free of heavy metals, allergens, and pathogens
  • You need to buy subscription for a month. Each month, you will receive vitamins at your home. 
  • Depending on your feelings about subscription plans, you might see this as a pro or a con. you can cancel the subscriptions at any time. The first order includes a reusable bottle, and subsequent orders include small pouches that can fill the bottle with vitamins.
  • The price of Hiya Vitamins is $30 for a 30 day supply. Vitamins cost $1 each, which can be costly. The price of a 30-day supply is down to $15 with a special of 50% off! There is also a 2-5 kid supply you can purchase, which makes it cheaper to purchase the vitamins. A 30 day supply of vitamins for five children costs $11.50 per bottle.

Is This MultiVitamins For Kids Really Safe?

Children can use Hiya vitamins with total confidence. If you plan to start a supplement regimen for your child, please consult with their paediatrician. 

According to studies, over 90% of American children don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Adding Hiya to their diets safely fills these nutrient holes, as well as improving their overall health. Hiya is a safe multivitamin for kids because it contains no added sugar, gelatin, preservatives, or other junk.

For what age group is it best?

The Hiya multivitamin is apt for girls and boys beginning at age two (2) and continuing through their teenage years. A parent should supervise children 3 and under to ensure proper chewing and swallowing.

Are Hiya Vitamins FDA-Approved?

Hiya Vitamins

The FDA does not have the authority to review the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements. In fact, Hiya Health uses clean, responsible, clinically-tested ingredients in its multivitamins for kids, so you can be sure they are receiving the highest quality.

 No added sugar, all natural sweeteners, and no preservatives. This dynamically formulated multivitamin for kids contains a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables and is non-GMO, vegan, and anti-allergenic.

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Hiya Vitamins Reviews

How much does this MultiVitamins for Kids Cost?

Arrives fresh with a 30-day supply, reusable glass bottle to decorate, and eco-friendly refill pouches sent on a paediatrician schedule;

  • 1 kids 30$ per bottle 
  • 2 kids for $28 per bottle 
  • 3 kids for $25 per bottle 
  • 4 kids for $24 per bottle
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Where To Buy Hiya Vitamins

Make Hiya Vitamins your first choice if you want to give your kid the best multivitamin on the market.

Is that what you need? Hiya Vitamin is accessible and available. Just order online. You can additionally save a lot of money by becoming more informed and receiving better discounts, thereby reducing operational costs.

Additionally, shipping is free of charge, thereby eliminating additional purchasing costs. Hiya’s official website is the best place to buy.


Why is your vitamin a chewable, not a gummy?

Gummy vitamins are typically filled with synthetic junk and hard-to-pronounce ingredients, they get stuck in your children’s teeth often leading to cavities, they teach bad health habits by connecting health with candy, and they are susceptible to heat and melting, which can result in “dead vitamins” that often lack those nutrients listed on the bottle. For parents concerned about keeping their kids strong and healthy, chewables are a far better delivery mechanism.

Does my child really need a daily vitamin?

The short answer is probably yes. According to the numbers, more than 90% of children don’t reach their recommended levels of fruits and vegetables. Hiya helps fill in common nutritional gaps while avoiding all the junk found in sugar-coated gummy vitamins, which unfortunately have become common among families as the wrong way to be healthy. As always, when making any decisions about vitamins, we suggest consulting with your pediatrician for a recommendation and further information about the risks associated with junk-filled vitamins.

Where are your vitamins manufactured?

Our vitamins are manufactured in the USA with best-in-class globally sourced ingredients individually selected for optimal absorption. Our manufacturing facility is cGMP-compliant and certified for the highest standards to ensure quality, processing, handling, and labeling.


Your children require 15 essential nutrients for their optimal health and growth in Hiya multivitamins. Hiya nourishes your kids with the best vitamins available each month, including some nutrients that are absolutely MUST!

The FDA has also approved it. When parents give their children a chewable product every day, they should be sure it is safe, sugar-free, and of the highest quality for their good health. According to most reviews, most of the parents appreciate the multivitamin, so you will order this multivitamin without hesitation.