HiTech Fitness Tracker Review: Is It Legit or Hoax?

HiTech Fitness Tracker Review: Is It Legit or Hoax?

Entrepreneurs in the health and fitness sector can attest to the dramatic rise in demand for new and upgraded smart devices. Users of this product are more motivated to stay healthy and fit due to their interest and knowledge. Learn about a gadget HiTech Fitness Tracker in our review.

A fitness tracker buyer today is primarily concerned about the technological advancement in fitness gadgets. They want their fitness journey to be simple and comfortable.

Have you yet to settle on a reliable fitness device that will help you stay in shape? A HiTech Fitness Tracker would be a good choice for you to consider.

What is the HiTech Fitness Tracker?

HiTech Fitness Tracker

Wearable fitness trackers, such as the HiTech Fitness Tracker, can track your fitness activities. Wearing it on your wrist for an extended period or according to your preferences is comfortable because it is well designed with a sleek and accommodating fit. Users can send texts or listen to their music collection.

You can use it to monitor your time during running, jogging, or even performing other exercises without the assistance of a trainer. Its main purpose is to help you in your fitness journey.

Technical Facts (Specifications)

  • The strap is made of synthetic leather
  • Supports both Android and iOS smartphones
  • To give a premium feel, some parts are constructed from metal.
  • Displayed on a 3 inch HD LED panel
  • Contains sensors for tracking all kinds of activities
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • It is very stylish and unique.
  • Features a free mobile app – VeryfitPro App
  • Hard-wearing and water-resistant
  • Reminders and notifications automatically
  • Plug with integrated USB
  • Sedentary alarm and automatic sleep tracking

How is a HiTech Fitness Tracker smartwatch helpful?

A girl with her HiTech Fitness Tracker

A lot of technical research has gone into the design of the HiTech Fitness Tracker to discover what all things people are unable to track in the fitness segment. It has improved upon the conventional smart health bands available on the market. Having many features and functions makes it extremely helpful for people in many ways.

Helps users in the following ways

  • Sleep tracker: The watch has a sensor that keeps a proper track of the sleep schedule of the user. The app provides the user with real-time information about how much sleep he or she gets.
  • Heart health tracker
  • Includes any functions– There is a sensor on the device that keeps track of pulse rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, etc. It allows the user to keep track of how healthy his or her heart is.
  • Fitness tracking: Fit people can also use the device’s calorie counter and step counter. The calorie counter uses to track how many calories the user spends on a daily basis as well as tracks the steps they take, which can help them keep track of their physical activities.
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Main Benefits

It is a high-quality device

Fitting comfortably on your wrist, the HiTech Fitness Tracker is made of durable and accommodating material. Your fitness activities can be tracked and you can even interact with your friends with this fitness watch.

Easy to use

Wearing the device is as simple as wearing it on your wrist; there are no complicated instructions for using it. It is waterproof, making it ideal for use in the rain or sweating from exercise anywhere and anytime.

Use for both work and play

HiTech Fitness Trackers are easy to use, and you can wear them both indoors and outdoors. The watch can be matched with any type of clothing in your closet, just like an ordinary watch.

The device is your fitness partner

Using the HiTech Fitness Tracker, you are able to keep track of your primary health progress as well as your fitness activities.

How to use the HiTech Fitness Tracker?

Girl using her HiTech Fitness Tracker

Fitness trainers and instructors can attest that most trainees have trouble keeping track of time. Due to this fact, the exercises would need to have a specific impact on health depending on the amount of time spent exercising. Wearing the HiTech Fitness Tracker offers this advantage. Through its biometric sensor, you can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep quality. Besides calculating steps and jogging distance, the fitness tracker also calculates calories burned. You can use the device to monitor your health progress as well.

Pros and Cons

  • With HiTech Fitness Tracker, you can receive incoming call and message notifications on Android and iOS devices
  • Unlike most comparable products, it is resistant to water and dust.
  • There’s an ongoing 50% discount and free shipping
  • There is 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Online marketing is the only method of marketing the product. It is not available in any stores.

Features of HiTech Fitness Tracker Smartwatch


Fitness trackers from HiTech provide a clear and discrete display. These devices can show a crystal clear display when needed. The device display will automatically hide if it is not needed. It has a display size of 0.38″ x 0.76″.

Design: The design of the HiTech Fitness tracker is sophisticated. While it may look like a regular smartwatch, this device has a lot of great features. 

Fitness Monitoring Device: Monitoring my heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc., is easy.

Water & Dust Proof: Aside from being waterproof, sweat-proof, rainproof, and dust-proof. Water or sweat won’t damage the built-in chip.

Notification Panel: Calls, messages, and call alert notifications are all available. You can also receive notifications from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on this device. 

Battery Backup

The HiTech Fitness tracker provides excellent backup. It has a 90mAh battery. The device can function for 7 days with this capacity. It can also function for 10 days in standby mode. It consumes little power. USB charging is available. It allows me to charge my fitness tracker through a port on any laptop or computer.

Battery Backup Sleep Monitor

There is a particular device I use to monitor my sleep. Did you know that HiTech Fitness trackers can also track your sleep? They have sensors that allow them to interact with our bodies. It easily tracks how much deeper I slept during the night using this sensor.

Sedentary Reminder

Your device may alert you to incoming calls, messages, or social app notifications. However, HiTech Fitness trackers have an interesting feature. You will be notified if you spend too much time sitting or not using your time effectively. Basically, it will give you a healthier life.

Some Other Features

With the advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you have hands-free access to your music collection, text messaging, and more. From heart rate to blood pressure to sleep quality, the HiTech Fitness Tracker biometric sensors monitor it all. Calculate your calorie burn in seconds by recording your distance and steps when you jog.

Ready to Go: There is no need for batteries. Connect the USB cable provided with the fitness tracker to charge it. You can use this device for 96 hours on a single charge.

Accessible: You can sync HiTech Fitness Tracker with either Android or Apple devices. It has a simple interface that anyone can use.

For Work and Play: You can wear a HiTech Fitness Tracker for business or casual occasions. Go out with friends or wear it at work. These watches are designed for daily use and designed to be comfortable. 

A Great Gift for Nieces,Nephews, and Kids:  Technology is more important today than ever before to young people. With a sleek, sophisticated design and wireless convenience, Fitness Watch lives up to the latest standards.

Your Parents: Especially the fitness-minded baby boomers desire products with easily readable numbers and health monitoring capabilities.

Smart Design for All: This fitness tracker from HiTech combines the benefits of a fitness band, digital watch, and intelligent health monitor all in one.

Who is HiTech Fitness Tracker made for?

Technically, the HiTech Fitness Tracker is designed for anyone who wishes to maintain their health and well-being.

Those who want to track their progress towards fitness goals will find the HiTech Fitness Tracker an excellent choice.

As a result of the fact that HiTech Fitness Tracker can be customized to meet individual requirements, it’s both ideal for performance athletes aiming to push their limits and for individuals who simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle by following a moderate and regular exercise regimen.

Is this Fitness Tracker right for you?

Fitness trackers such as the HiTech Fitness Tracker are great fitness gadgets worth investing in. This is due to the fact that it is easy to use and enables you to monitor all your fitness activities. Getting your loved one the tracker would be a great gift.

What is the design and build of the HiTech Fitness Tracker?

HiTech Fitness Tracker Design

The Build: 

Despite the device’s leather strap, it is made from special compounds that are soft and don’t harm the skin. A metal frame surrounds the main device, holding all its components and giving it a premium feel. Additionally, there is a 3 inch HD LED display, which can be used to access the watch’s features. All fitness segments are tracked by one sensor at the back of the watch that is connected to the calorimeter and other sensors.

Design and usage: 

Users can choose from different colors on the watch, and it has a very stylish design with a unique design. Through the watch’s connection to a smartphone app, all fitness status updates are sent to the phone, enabling the user to keep tabs on their health. It shows the updates from the mobile on the HiTech Fitness Tracker’s screen as well, so the user stays updated without having to take the phone out.

Where Should You Buy a HiTech Fitness Tracker? 

The HiTech Fitness Tracker is on sale with free shipping for a limited time. You should therefore avoid buying HiTech Fitness Tracker from any other place than the seller’s website.

Also accepts PayPal and credit cards modes of payment.

The Perfect Gift for Anyone

A Great Gift for Nieces, Nephews, and Kids

Young people today rely on technology more so than any other generation. Fitness Watch is up to the latest standards for those who seek wireless convenience, intuitive apps, and sleek, sophisticated design.

Your Friends and Relatives

If you’re more of the “young at heart” type, you and your friends are likely looking for better ways to stay in shape. HiTech Fitness Tracker delivers the tools you need with the fashion sense you crave.

Your Parents

With it’s bright, easy-to-read numbers and health monitoring capabilities, baby boomers, especially the fitness-minded ones, want products they can rely on for easy-to-understand information.

What customers are saying about this Fitness Tracker? (HiTech Fitness Tracker Reviews)

Below are WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about HiTech Fitness Tracker

My doctor told me I needed to exercise more. My daughter got me the Fitness Watch. Not only was it easy to use, but I enjoyed using it. It made getting into shape fun. I’m recommending it to all my buddies! – Carl J. – Baltimore, MD

It’s one thing to exercise regularly, it’s another to keep accurate tabs on your progress. HiTech Fitness Tracker helped me improve my conditioning. I lost the weight I wanted to in no time. Dependable measurements for fast results – Vanessa A. – Amarillo, TX

“I was looking for a watch that I didn’t have to worry about, but one that did everything I needed it to do! The HiTech Fitness Tracker was perfect for me. I could wear it to the office and not have to worry about taking it off when I go to the gym. Perfect.” – Amber K. – San Diego, CA

How much it cost?

Visit the official website to acquire a HiTech Fitness Tracker. They offer a 14-day tria with the current price of 6.76 dollars for the HiTech Fitness Tracker. It costs $109.47 for the smartwatch. Return back the tracker before the trial period.

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Final Word

Fitness Trackers made by HiTech in the U.S. and are completely guaranteed. With health and fitness among the highly prioritized things today, the sale and manufacture of fitness gadgets has greatly increased as well. Check out the HiTech Fitness Tracker if you’re searching for a fitness tool to help you along your fitness journey. It monitors and prepares your fitness activities in a way that you can easily understand all the reports. Now you can streamline your fitness journey with a HiTech Fitness Tracker at an affordable price.