Fly Blocker Watch Review: Does It Repel Mosquitoes?

Fly Blocker Watch Review: Does It Repel Mosquitoes?

As far as mosquito bites are concerned, not everyone suffers the same fate. Blood type, body heat or even the perfume we use are some of the conditions to which we get more or less mosquito bites. Learn about the Fly Blocker Watch in our review.

During the summer, many cities are suffering from mosquito plagues and although the species that reach our country are not that dangerous, their bites are still very annoying. Besides, whatever you do, it seems that you always end up with bites, don’t you?

How many times have you been woken up by a mosquito buzzing in the middle of the night? There’s always been a myth that mosquitoes buzz to warn their victims, but that’s not true! One reason for the sound is that it comes from their wings moving so fast and secondly, it’s a way of calling attention when mating. What happens is that when we hear it and it wakes us up, it is too close and the buzzing sounds louder.

Is there a solution that is not harmful to health, but is also economical and effective? After several years of studies, products such as Fly Blocker have appeared on the market that provide us with the perfect solution to forget about mosquito bites forever.

What is Fly Blocker Watch?

Fly Blocker

Fly Blocker Watch is a bracelet that is put on in the evening before bedtime and which emits a frequency that is considered unpleasant by female mosquitoes. Accordingly, they do not dare to touch the body and so one is spared from mosquito bites. The health benefits. Here are the properties that the manufacturer gives:

  • Uncomplicated use
  • Success rate of 60 to 70 percent
  • Suitable for every age group
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Quick familiarisation
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How does it work?

How can this device prevent me from being bitten by mosquitoes? Besides being comfortable and discreet, it offers a practical and effective way of keeping mosquitoes away at all times.

Fly Blocker has been developed with a formula based on a unique combination that offers effective protection from mosquito bites. Are you one of the sceptics who still don’t believe it works? Think again! This anti-mosquito watch works by imitating a sound frequency that female mosquitoes hate, repelling 90% of mosquitoes. It works both indoors and outdoors

Why do I need the Fly Blocker Watch?

Fly Blocker

Basically the Fly Blocker is aimed at people who keep waking up at night because they have been stung again. To fight mosquito bites is, as already mentioned, usually only possible with chemical substances.

But the natural concept of this bracelet for mosquito repellent is so optimal that even children could use it. In general it is suitable for people of all ages. Young and old benefit equally from its abilities. People who have already tried other methods but were not satisfied with them can also benefit.

With Fly Blocker they get an alternative, which has a high success rate and can protect quite well against mosquito bites. It is also irrelevant whether man or woman – both can only gain advantages from Fly Blocker. It is by the way also absolutely no problem if pregnant women, or even pets wear the bracelet for mosquito repellent.

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Features of Fly Blocker Watch

  • EFFECTIVE AGAINST MOSQUITOES – The Fly Blocker bracelet is really effective and provides protection against mosquito and flies. Make yourself comfortable and safe by using Fly Blocker bracelet instead of chemical solutions.
  • CHEMICAL FREE – The Fly Blocker Watch is way more flexible alternative as compared to other chemical solutions.
  • SAFE TO USE – This Anti-mosquito device is completely safe to use by anyone, even seniors and kids.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – No tanks to refill or taking extra time to get charged. The battery charges in under 30 minutes and it can last up to one week.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP – The Fly Blocker Bracelet has adjustable quality; it can be adjusted on wrists or ankles. Be it child’s arm or an adult’s arm.
  • WATER RESISTANT – You can wear this bracelet literally anywhere because it is water proof too. So no tension of losing its repellent properties when using while taking bath or swimming.

Fly Blocker Watch Advantages

  1. It’s comfortable and discreet. Like wearing a watch! It’s the ultimate solution against mosquitoes to wear anywhere!
  2. Put an end to the summer nightmare with a simple wristband.
  3. It’s for everyone! It can be worn by children, the elderly, pregnant women and even your pets.
  4. It works anywhere! Typical sprays are usually only used at home, but the Fly Blocker Smart Watch is effective no matter where you go. Take it with you on vacation, to the country, to the pool or work!

Technical Facts

  • Battery life up to 150 hours at a time
  • Consists of soft, skin-friendly silicone
  • Thanks to the mouldable silicone ring variable in size
  • Waterproof
  • With time shown on the display
  • Available in black or white colour

Fly Blocker Watch Reviews Consumer Reports

How much does it cost?

Fly Blocker Watch price can vary because it is only sold online. The price depends on supply and demand and can change at any point. It could also be sold out soon because it is perfect for the entire family and they more of them you buy at a time the more that you save on each one.

Also, they are offering an amazing 50% off deal for a limited time. Below I have provided a breakdown of the current cost of the watches when you buy one or more.

  • 1 Fly Blocker Price S49.95
  • 2 Fly Blocker Cost $79.95
  • 3 Fly Blocker $99.95

You can even add a 1- or 2-year warranty for as low as 5.95. Also, when you order on or more now you can get free shipping! Don’t miss out on say bye to all those pesky Mosquitoes!

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Does fly blocker really work?

After testing the device for one week, I observed that mosquitoes does not come near me whenever I wear the Fly Blocker. It really does work

Can I use it anywhere I want?

Yes, you can use it anywhere you want. Indoor environments and outdoor environments.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions will be included in the package.


ABSOLUTELY YES! If you are tired of getting bitten by mosquitoes, you definitely should go for it. As it is affordable and cost efficient as compared to other chemical solutions such as candles, spray lotions and bracelet containing citronella.

It does not use much power too, it gets charged quickly and can be used easily for one week. Really effective and provides protection against mosquito or other insect’s bites. Completely safe to use and maintain. It does not only protects you from mosquito bites but it also protects your surroundings too.