Fixd vs Carista: Which OBD Scanner is Better?

Fixd vs Carista: Which OBD Scanner is Better?

OBD scanners provide information about the performance of your vehicle. The OBD scanner has been compressed into a simple tool that connects wirelessly to a smartphone via the OBD port. Learn the difference between Fixd vs Carista with us.

With FIXD, you get an OBD hardware tool and a smartphone application. The tool is a professional Bluetooth OBD scanner package. FIXD is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Users can choose which version to install based on their mobile device. Drivers in the US and select regions are able to use the FIXD hardware tool to repair hybrid and gasoline vehicles manufactured after 1996.

Carista is a Bluetooth OBD scanner suite that includes a smartphone app as well as a plug-in hardware tool. Carista scanner users receive a free smartphone application that can be upgraded to the paid version later on. You can use either an Android or iOS device to customize and control features in the Carista app.

FIXD vs Carista: Comparison Table

FeaturesFIXD ReviewsCarista
US carsYesYes
Europe carsYesYes
Asian carsYesYes
VerifiedASE Certified MechanicsCertified by RoHSCompliant with REACHAn ISO 17025-certified e-mark
PROTECTIONNoThe BatterySaverTM TechnologyProtection against overvoltage
Mobile AppsYesYes
Operating System (Android and iOS)YesYes
Compatibility  obd2  portYesYes
Reset CELYesYes
Smog CheckYes but With PremiumYes
Diagnostic ReportsYesYes
Live DataYesYes
Car MonitorYesYes
Freeze FrameYesYes
Number of vehicles51
Engine, Transmission CodesYesYes
ABS, airbag CodesYesYes
LanguageEnglish, Dutch, German,Spanish, French, Portuguese,Polish and ItalianEnglish, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish,Korean, Japanese, Italian,German, Polish Russian
ShippingFREEFree U.S
Warranty1 YEAR2 YEARs
Money back guarantee30 DAYS90 DAYS

Top Pick Between FIXD vs Carista

FIXD scanners prove to be more suitable for buyers who are trying to diagnose problems on their cars caused by dashboard lights. By purchasing multiple devices at reduced prices, buyers can save money during the limited promotional offer.

FIXD scanners are also better than the Carista scanners, since the full-featured smartphone application for the former is only available for a month. Additionally, the FIXD scanner offers multi-vehicle and continuous monitoring capabilities not available with the Carista scanner.

FIXD also offers a money back guarantee and a warranty to guarantee the buyer’s satisfaction. However, users need to contact third-party vendors for a refund when using the Carista scanner.

Check out the Similarities and Differences between Fixd Vs Carista below. From where you can buy it, pros and cons.

Fixd vs Carista – Similarities

Free application: The buyer receives a free application, which can be installed on a smartphone, when he or she buys both OBD scanners.

Android and iOS compatibility

Android and iOS versions of the smartphone applications are available for both scanners. With Android phones, the free software can be downloaded from Google Play; with iOS phones, the OBD app can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore.

Smartphones and tablets running Windows are not compatible with either scanner.

OBD Port Plug in Hardware

With both scanners, a portable adapter is included for connecting to a vehicle’s OBD port. Generally speaking, the OBD port is found on gasoline vehicles manufactured after 1996, as well as hybrid vehicles.

Bluetooth connectivity

The scanners are both Bluetooth-enabled. The phone can be connected to only one Bluetooth device at a time via Bluetooth. As a result, only one car can be scanned at a time. Changing the OBD hardware tool from one car to another is required to scan multiple vehicles. Alternatively, the phone application must allow you to create a user account and add each scanner you wish to monitor.

Differences – Fixd vs Carista

Application variations

Users can access all customization features and functions through the FIXD app, which is free.

Carista is a free application that users receive after each purchase. This gives them a month to experiment with the different customizations and features. Then, they must pay for the application to access all its features. The Carista app is available for Android and iOS.


FIXD scanners connect to the OBD hardware, scan the vehicle’s computer, and display information about error codes that cause the dashboard to illuminate. A car’s odometer is also scanned and it displays information about the service schedule and maintenance reports based on its mileage.

Through Bluetooth, the Carista scanner can also connect to the phone application. Once the vehicle’s computer has been scanned, the user can remove the check engine light by clearing the error codes or resetting errors after servicing the car. Users can also customize the app’s windows and light settings.

Multiple vehicle Monitoring

You can link the OBD hardware adapters on multiple cars to your account by creating an account on the FIXD app. On a single phone account, a user can store the data of up to five vehicles.

One vehicle at a time can be monitored by the Carista scanner, and no vehicle information is stored.

Continuous monitoring

Users can monitor their vehicles continuously with FIXD scanners. After the scan is completed, the app stores the information and alerts the user when the car develops an issue or when certain parts need servicing.

You will only receive information based on the scan you have performed with the Carista scanner. For your car’s diagnosis to remain current, you need to perform a fresh scan every two weeks.

Vehicle compatibility

FIXD scanners work on gasoline vehicles manufactured in the United States and selected regions after 1996. They can also be used on hybrid vehicles produced more recently.

Only certain models of vehicles are compatible with the Carista app. These include Audis, BMWs, Lexus, Minis, Scions, Subarus, Toyotas, and VWs.

How to use FIXD and Carista?

Install the FIXD application on your smartphone before you can use the FIXD scanner. Plug your OBD hardware tool into your car’s OBD port. On most cars, the OBD port is located right below the steering wheel on the driver’s side.

Start the engine by turning the key. Once the key is in the on position, start the engine. The car does not have to be running.

On your phone, open the app.

Click the Scan button at the center of the screen after connecting the application to the OBD scanner via Bluetooth.

Based on whether the car has any problems, the app displays the FIXD logo in three different colors. If the logo is green, the car has no problems. There may be a few issues after a scan, as indicated by a yellow logo. Red indicates the car has some serious issues.

Carista scanners work similarly. The app is available for iOS and Android. Plug your OBD hardware tool into the port beneath the steering wheel as soon as your app is installed. To scan for issues on the car, turn on the car in the run position and connect the OBD adapter to the app via Bluetooth.

Skill Level

Either application can be used easily. But the FIXD application is more suited to professional mechanics so that they can scan the vehicle, identify, and display the defective parts on the dashboard that cause engine lights to illuminate. After identifying the problem, the mechanic can begin repairing it.

Both professionals and car owners can use the Carista application. On the dashboard, the app can display the faults that are causing the check engine light to come on. In contrast, owners of cars can use the app’s ability to reset and clear errors to remove check engine lights from their dashboard. There is an important point to keep in mind: clearing the errors doesn’t solve the problem.

Ease of Use

Both Bluetooth ODB scanners are easy to use. The ODB port plug in devices snap into place on compatible car models and the interface on both apps is user friendly.

To make the scan results more understandable, FIXD has color-coded the FIXD logo displayed with the scan results. In the app interface, there are clearly labeled buttons that show information about car parts when tapped.

After completing an ODB scan, FIXD stores information about the car and alerts the owner when it is time to visit a dealer. FIXD scanners enable car owners to take better care of their vehicles.

Due to the many options available to customize car parts, it may take you some time to learn the Carista app. Clearing error codes also tempts users to resolve the errors without fixing the underlying problems. It only disables the dashboard light, however. In fact, it might make matters worse in some cases as the issue that caused the dashboard light might be overlooked by the service center.

The dashboard light will typically come back on after a few days if you clear it, since it usually comes on again after clearing it.

Fixd Pros And Cons


  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Interprets engine code into plain terms
  • Always keeping an eye on
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Multiple vehicle control


  • Some engine codes cannot be read by this program
  • Vehicles powered by diesel or batteries are not compatible

Where To Buy?

Fixd helps you learn about your car and figure out what it needs. With Fixd, you can keep an eye on how your car is doing in general. The important thing is that anyone, whether they are a beginner or a pro, can use Fixd. So, where can you get Fixd? Well, you can get Fixd from the official website of the company. It can also be bought from Amazon, eBay, and other trusted online stores.

FIXD Price

FIXD OBD scanner buyers have three options.

Buyers are offered a discounted price of $19.99 for one FIXD scanner. Additional shipping charges are not applied. This offer is only available while supplies last. The buyer will have to pay the full amount when it expires.

Lastly, there is a promotional offer that is only available for a short time. For $39.99, buyers receive two FIXD scanners. Additionally, the scanners do not have any shipping fees.

In a bulk purchase of FIXD scanners, the last option is the most affordable. There is a price of $59.99 for 3 scanners. Shipping is not charged for this option.

After purchasing the FIXD OBD adapter, buyers get the FIXD application for free. After purchasing the FIXD scanner or using it for some time, there are no additional subscription fees.

Order FIXD

Carista Pros And Cons


  • Interface that is simple and intuitive
  • Keeps an eye on your car’s health
  • Controlling and customizing features
  • Check all engine codes


  • There are advanced features and coding for certain vehicle models.
  • Coding parameters requires a premium subscription
  • Can’t connect to more than one vehicle
  • does not automatically send out reminders

How much does Carista cost?

Right now, there are no offers with Carista scanners. You have to pay full price for all scanners. The prices can be found here.

Carista is the phone application that comes with the scanner. The full-featured app is only available for one month, after which time the buyer must purchase the paid version or continue to use limited features with the free app.

Where To Buy Carista?

Carista is another popular diagnostic tool that keeps an eye on your car’s performance and health. It also has an easy-to-use interface and is simple to use. Where can I buy Carista now? This scanner is not available on Amazon right now. But you can get it from the official website of the company or from other trusted online stores like eBay and others.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

For all the scanners purchased with the promotional period, including those purchased from the FIXD website, they offer a warranty and money back guarantee. The FIXD customer service team can be contacted by phone or email if you are dissatisfied with the product.

Carista do not offer a money back guarantee for their scanner. 

Final Words

With the best OBD2 scanner, you can figure out what your car needs and how healthy it is. Fixd vs Carista, on the other hand, are the industry leaders when it comes to monitoring vehicle performance. But Fixd is a great choice for in-depth diagnostics, live monitoring, and monitoring that goes on all the time. It also translates the vehicle’s encoding into simple language to make it easy to understand. You won’t spend much on repairs and maintenance if you use Fixd.


Can I leave FIXD in my car all the time?

You can leave the sensor plugged in all the time, as it uses very little power when not communicating with the app. If you leave your car sitting for more than 3 weeks, we recommend that you remove the sensor.

How Does FIXD Connect To My Phone?

FIXD syncs data wirelessly and automatically to your smartphone through bluetooth when in your vehicle.