EZSipper Review – Is This Reusable Straw Worth It?

EZSipper Review – Is This Reusable Straw Worth It?

EZSipper Review: Did you know that all the plastic straws you, I and everyone else have ever used are still around somewhere in our waterways and landfills? That’s because they are hard to recycle and take a long time to decompose.

Add to the fact that they are disposable only makes them a considerable part of plastic waste circulating the world today. About 8 million tons of plastic, including straws, enter our oceans and cause problems to aquatic life there.

So what do we do? Ban all Straws?

That’ll be a tough ask because straws play a major role in the way we consume drinks. It’ll take a drastic event to change this culture, and since the damage plastic straws do to our environment is slow, many won’t change. But we aren’t doomed. Something can and has been done to let everyone sip their drinks in peace with wildlife alive. I.m talking about steel straws called EZSipper.

What is EZSipper?

EZSipper in a jar

EZSipper is a precious reusable stainless eco straw formulated with the intention of saving your health from diseases action property as a prove of impressible chemicals.

This eco-friendly unblemished steel has originate crosswise as a large initiatory action fallible invigoration and surroundings from the dreadful upshot of impressible.

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How does it works?

Step 1: Open the EZSipper carrying case.

2nd Step: Screw the three straw segments together and attach one of the mouthpieces.

3rd Step: Drop the EZSipper into your drink of choice and enjoy!

4th Step: Scrub the straw clean and rinse it out in the strainer.

Key Features of EZSipper

  1. High-Quality Material – EZSipper is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel. This makes it safe to use without worrying about harmful chemicals getting into your body. Additionally, it means it wouldn’t rust making it able to last a lifetime.
  2. Perfect Bore Diameter – With too little or too wide diameter, a straw becomes difficult to use. However, EZSipper seems to get it just right. The diameter of this reusable straw is about 0.24 in or 6mm. That translates to perfection every time you sip with this straw.
  3. Easy To Use –EZSipper needs to be assembled before use. However, this can be done in seconds without a problem. I’ll show you exactly how to do that later in this article.
  4. Ideal Length –So many tests were done go find the length that supports both portability and satisfaction. In the end, EZSipper is made to be 10.5 inches or 265mm long. At that length, you can easily enjoy your drinks to full satisfaction.
  5. Pocket-Sized And Portable – This reusable straw is made easy to carry around. The straws come in a compact case that you can put anywhere. It can even fit into your pocket.
  6. Easy To Clean –This kit comes with a pipe brush that can be used to clean the straws after use. It’s super easy to do.
  7. Protects Against Temperature – More often than not, you get burnt from sipping hot tea with regular straws. However, EZSipper comes with a silicone mouthpiece that protects you from too hot tea or very cold soda.
  8. Chemical-Free And Safe –This eco-friendly straw does not contain chemicals that are health hazards such as BPA. Therefore it is totally safe to use.

Why do I need this Eco Straw?

A girl using EZSipper

Apart from the fact that the plastic straws you use now are harming our environment, it can harm you. Since plastic isn’t biodegradable, it can take hundreds, if not thousands, to degrade. And when they do, they release cancer-causing chemicals that can mess up the hormonal levels of aquatic and human lives. One of such dangerous chemicals released by degrading is called bisphenol-A (BPA). Now, switching from plastic straws to steel ones isn’t as simple as turning a switch. It isn’t hard, either. You just need to consider a few things, and you’re good to go.

For one, you have to have a good carry case to take your EzSipper with you. You don’t want just to throw it into your bag and head out the door. When it’s time for some sipping or slurping, you might end up taking more than your chocolate milk shake. We have to be hygienic here.

Also, thanks to the ease of assembling and dismantling, the EZSipper steel straw can easily and efficiently clean. It doesn’t have a unibody, and so you can take it apart and put your brush to work to keep tight corners of your straw clean. When you are done taking sipping your drink of choice, wash it properly and put it in its case. It’ll be clean and fresh when next you whip it out for a good time.

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EZSipper is a husky untarnished steel distribute that is gaining popularity among grouping to be utilized in different occasions. Else than enhancing the elegance of your dining shack, the product is susceptible of message the beneath advantages:

  • Risk less for the surroundings: The Eco friendly yellowness doesn’t exude any kindhearted of chemicals into the atmosphere possession the climate empty and untouched.
  • Prevents your body from chemical: Do you copulate that use of impressionable makes bis phenol chemical get into your embody which is bad for your daemonic. So locution no to impressible straws and switching to this unsullied brace alternative can assist you in winning mending of your health.
  • Saves you from welfare diseases: These sippers are BPA uncommitted; chemical which is highly used in impressionable straws and is an hyperbolic drive of daemonic somebody, lyceum execution push.
  • Multipurpose for nonplus drinks: This pleasing perception spread time exploding the beauty of your array can be used for different drinks including humor, shakes or concentrate.
  • Reusable: Since this yellowness does not exude any chemicals in getting heated, it can be misused tuple times.
  • Serious property: EZSipper is oxidization check, long and strongly fattening.
  • Prosperous to use by kids: Since the straws are slight, these can be easily utilized by kids too.

How EzSipper Beneficial For Our Kids?

EZSipper in glasses

If you are thinking to change your drinking style through EZsipper Stainless Straw then it would be highly beneficial for you and surroundings.

Reusable: The stainless Ezsipper is reusable as compared to other plastic straws because it doesn’t release chemicals after getting heat.

Easily Use By Kids: These straws are very elegance and thin products to make your kitchen superior. Moreover, it easily handles by your kids and other members.

Good Quality: These Ezsipper also rustproof, durable and strongly finished.

Use many times: This straw is an amazing solution for health because it can be used much time and it save your money also.

Eco-Friendly: this stainless steel straw is happily used by people because it does not release toxic chemicals and fumes into the environment. These steel straws can use many times till the last age without any harm to our earth.

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How to setup this Eco-Straw?

How to setup EZSipper explained

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to setup your Eco Straw easily:

  1. Open the EZSipper carrying case.
  2. Screw the straw segments together and attach the mouthpiece.
  3. Drop the straw into your drink of choice and enjoy!

What’s included in the kit?

The kit contain few items which makes it easy to carry and portable.

3 Straw Segments

2 Mouthpieces

Scrubbing Brush

Carrying Case

EZSipper Review

I wanted to stop using plastic straws and this was exactly what I needed! One of my friends recommended to try using EZSipper. After reading the EZSipper Review, order was at home after 3-4 days. Love that it came with a case and pipe cleaner. I use the angled tip 99% of the time, but it’s nice that it comes with a straight tip too, just so I have the option.

EZSipper Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It’s very easy to mount, and you don’t need to spend over a few seconds to attach the whole thing.
  • The design is pretty good. You can carry it around easily inside the case.
  • It’s wide enough to drink even more dense liquids.
  • EZSipper’s design is also very good to clean. You can use the pipe cleaner that comes with the product to do it properly.
  • It helps the environment because it diminishes the amount of plastic that will go to the sea.
  • Also, it does not contain any allergic substances in its material.


  • You need to carry it with you all the time if you don’t want to get in a situation in which you’ll need to use common straws again.

Customer’s Feedback

” Only had mine for a month, but I’ve already used it dozens of times. It’s crazy to think about how many plastic straws this is going to save from going into the garbage. Feels good to help the environment!” – Emily Murdock

“Now that I have a straw with me all the time, I use it on everything. Coffee, juice, soda, smoothies – everything tastes better through a metal straw. And you can screw the pieces together to fit any kind of bottle or can. I LOVE IT!!” – Samara Thomson

How much does it cost?

1 for $49.99

Buy 2, Get 45% OFF – $46/unit

Buy 3, Get 1 FREE – Only $41.66 per unit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean my EZSipper in the dishwasher?

Yes, the stainless-steel straw segments are dishwasher safe, but it is recommended to wash the silicon mouthpieces by hand.

Can I use my EZSipper for hot drinks?

Yes, EZSipper will never melt or freeze, but be sure to use the silicone mouthpieces to protect your lips from burns.

Is the end of the EZSipper sharp?

No, the edges are smooth and safe to use without worry of cutting your lip or tongue. The included silicone mouthpieces provide extra protection as well.