EasyTrim Pro Review: Multi Purpose Trimmer Worth It?

EasyTrim Pro Review: Multi Purpose Trimmer Worth It?

Sometimes trimming your hair at home might cause you some problems. We have brought the best multi purpose trimmer for you. Read the EasyTrim Pro Review. Check out some amazing features and price before buying.

We at IXWallet do all the deep research before bringing out any product. Let’s dive straight into the discussion of this hair trimmer.

What is EasyTrim Pro?

EasyTrim Pro

EasyTrim Pro is a rechargeable multi-purpose trimmer that can be used to groom beards, moustaches, stubble, and hairs on the back, nape, chest, thigh, and below the waist, among other things.

It comes with steel attachment blades of various sizes for trimming various lengths of hair, allowing you to cut and trim with ease and giving you the tidy and precise cut you’ve always needed.

EasyTrim Pro has also an in-built LED flashlight to help you cut and trim your hair with accuracy, as well as a built-in extending handle to reach those hard-to-reach areas like your back and neck.

EasyTrim Pro is a cordless and rechargeable tool that may last for a long time when completely charged electrically.

It features a taper lever and a soft touch for a non-slip grip when in use, and it is perfectly made to be carried around like a hair comb while traveling or moving.


  • EasyTrim Pro is an at-home haircutting tool that shapes and trims your hair, and transforms into a full-body groomer
  • This cordless trimmer is the most convenient way to give yourself a haircut and manscape in the privacy and safety of your home
  • No need for scissors or clippers: It makes cutting your hair as easy as combing your hair. Remove the combs and use as a trimmer and shaper for beards, sideburns and more
  • Hard to reach places? EasyTrim Pro features an extendable arm that grows an additional 2″ making this perfect to shave your back and shoulders and other hard to reach areas
  • Micro-polished stainless-steel blades are bonded with titanium and rev at 200 rpm for a more powerful precision cut while the 90° off-set blade angle provides the ideal position for a natural comb-and-cut experience
  • The hair trimmer comes with 2 AA batteries, 5 hair cutting attachments – 4 guides ranging from ¼” to 1” plus a blade guard for close-to-the-skin trim and to protect skin while grooming sensitive areas

For what reason is EasyTrim Pro awesome?

EasyTrim Pro is the best trimmer for some reasons. Prior to buying any item, it is significant you really take a look at the nature of that item.

Dissimilar to different clippers that are made with modest materials, EasyTrim Pro is made with premium materials that leaves you no question. Its edges are miniature cleaned and made with hardened steel which are rust verification, so you don’t need to stress over the razors or sharp edges rusting.

Assuming that you have even been in a rush and need to clean your appearance as fast as could be expected, then, at that point, you will see the value in a productive and quick trimmer. EasyTrim Pro is a productive trimmer with ultra quick speed. Its engines move so forcefully that in a question of a couple of moments, you are finished with managing your hair.

Additionally, it has an in-fabricated non separable handle which you can stretch out up to 40mm. This assists you with arriving at those troublesome or difficult to-arrive at region of the body, like the scruff of your neck, your back, shoulders and other difficult to-arrive at regions effectively, and hence, makes managing tranquil.

Pros and Cons of EasyTrim Pro

  • Long lasting stainless steel blades
  • versatile shavers for trimming different lengths selection.
  • Special and comfortable anti-slip grip.
  • Extendable built-in handle for trimming hard-to-reach areas.
  • Built-in LED spotlight for clearer vision during trimming.
  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Safe and sharp cutting mechanism.
  • Easy to clean cutter head.
  • Low noise during usage.
  • Ultra fast speed.
  • Rust proof razors with minimal clogging during usage.
  • Rechargeable and long lasting battery.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Durable.
  • Reliable.
  • Portable.
  • Limited in stock.
  • Available only on EasyTrim Pro online stores.
  • Not available on any offline retail stores.
  • Discount promo prices are valid for a limited time.

Main Advantages

  • Fast And Easy To Use Self Hair Care
  • Versatile Shaver With Special Hand Grip
  • Safe And Sharp Cutting Mechanism
  • Stainless Steel Razors Unit
  • Easy To Clean Cutting Head
  • Fully Portable With Rechargeable Battery

What people are saying about EasyTrim Pro?

A person using EasyTrim Pro

I loved that I never thought I could cut my hair alone. I recommend that you turn it off and clean it during haircuts, and use it against hair, using all the right sizes and uffff will not regret it. Though, I am very picky about stylists and this changes it because you yourself to your liking you cut your hair. – Romulo

I bought this clipper set to maintain the super short sides and back of my hair in between salon visits. It is easier to use than traditional clippers. The guards work well. The set is easy to take with you for upkeep during travel. I am going to show my son how to cut his hair with these. I wouldn’t do that just yet with traditional clippers. – Michelle

This product performs as advertised. I am saving a lot of money as I have stopped going to the barbershop. If you are not used to working in conjunction with using a mirror there are some places/angles where you must practice a little bit to get exactly the length you desire. This product shipped very quickly and was well packaged. – R. Burton

How much does it cost?

The company has made the price very affordable. Check below:

  • 1 for $49
  • 2 for $69
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free for $98

Note: Get additional 3 year warranty for $9.

Where can I order EasyTrim Pro?

EasyTrim Pro is currently sold only online. The checkout process is very easy and fast.

Even if you are not familiar with online shopping, we guarantee that you won’t have any problem when placing your order.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
  2. Claim your’s 50% discount.