Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet Review: Does it work?

Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet Review: Does it work?

Would you consider yourself to be one of those who wears glasses? It’s important to take care of these glasses properly in order to make sure they continue to perform their purpose. I’m sure you’re aware of this. As a result, eyeglasses should be cleaned with the best cleaner. Read our honest Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet Review.

There are many types of eyeglasses available today. Users are able to choose from a variety of options, depending on the intended use for them. However, once you have chosen yours, you are responsible for keeping it as clean as possible. Despite the best glasses cleaner on the market, it’s not that easy to clean glasses.

Keeping your eyeglasses clean daily prevents scratches from occurring and keeps them looking great. How to clean glasses is not always a simple matter. There are many ways to do it wrong.

Invest in Clean Lenses for Your Eyeglasses!

Having dirty lenses does more than reduce visibility. The truth is that these devices can actually cause problems such as eyestrain and blurry vision.

The reason why you must ensure that your eyeglass lenses are crystal clear and clean is because of this. With Dr. Fizz, you’ll never have to worry about oily residue clogging your lens, or streaks from grease.

What is Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet?

Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet

Dr Fizz will truly clean your lenses with its miracle cleaning power! Drop Dr Fizz tablets in water. Your eyeglasses will be removed of dust, grease, and grime with a fizzy action. You won’t be able to damage your expensive lenses with Dr Fizz.

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Key Features

Get Your Glasses Cleaner Than Ever with Dr Fizz!

You leave behind grease and cause minute scratches on your glasses every time you clean them with a normal cloth. The price of glasses is high! Using Dr Fizz’s miracle cleaning power, get your lenses really clean!

The BEST Cleaning Option Available: Dr Fizz tablets can be dropped into a glass of water to remove dust, grime, grease, and other dirt from your reading glasses. With the deep cleaning power of Dr Fizz, don’t just smudge the dirt and grease around.

Works for ALL Kinds of Eyeglasses: No matter what kind of eyewear you wear, whether anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light blocking, prescription, reading, polarized, mirrored, or designer sunglasses, Dr Fizz’s offers the ultimate in cleanliness and transparency.

Safe for All Kinds of Lenses: Most lens cleaners are made with materials like isopropyl alcohol, which is less effective and ruins the coatings on your lenses. The ingredients used by Dr Fizz are non-toxic and won’t damage expensive lenses.


  • 12 Tablets per tube
  • 3g per tablet
  • Flavor: Mint
  • Storage and disposal methods: Store sealed below 40°, out of direct sunlight, freezing, and wetting. Keep inside storage tube after opening.
  • Wash hands well with soap after use.
  • It cannot be used for frames with real tortoiseshell, leather, wood or jewels.

Why Do You Need the Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet

Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet

There is a possibility that you do not require a cleaner for your eyeglasses. You just need to wipe the edge of your shirt on your eyeglasses, and it will be fine be fine. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Cleaning your eyeglasses with a good cleaner has several benefits. Here are some of them:

You will not damage your eyeglasses: The thing that you are doing is not lifting off the dirt from your eyeglasses if you are used to wiping them with a corner of your shirt. By not using a cleaner for your glasses, you simply spread dirt and dust all over them.

A hundred small scratches might develop on the surface of the lenses as a result. The dirt will also wedge itself between the lens and the frame, causing them to get dirty. The frame will eventually deform due to the excessive pressure.

You can see clearer: When you wipe them off using your shirt tails, you might think you are seeing things clearly, but it isn’t true. The lenses on your eyeglasses will retain an oily film that will attract dirt and dust, even if you don’t use a proper cleaner.

It is not that expensive at all: There is no need to spend a lot of money on eyeglass cleaners. The cost of an eyeglass cleaning wipe, for example, is approximately 50 cents. In addition, you just need a few bucks for a small spray bottle that will last you for several months if used regularly.

You do not need an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your eyeglasses thoroughly every week. You’ll only need to use a mild liquid soap and warm water (you can also use dishwashing soap, just as long as it doesn’t contain citrus).

Spending that much is unnecessary, but your glasses will still last years longer.

Your eyeglasses will not fog up: If your spectacles suddenly fog up as you taste your morning cup of coffee, you are left talking to yourself. Anti-fog properties are also provided by some eyeglass cleaners.  

Water does not condense on the lens because of their design. This is very important if your line of work relies on vision to keep yourself and those around you safe, like if you are operating heavy machinery or work in and around the said machinery.

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To Whom Dr Fizz Suits The Best?

All spectacle wearers who have worn glasses for most of their lives or who only wear designer sunglasses and lenses occasionally will benefit from Dr Fizz’s services. 

Whether you wear anti-reflective glasses, anti-glare glasses, blue light blockers, prescription glasses, reading glasses, polarized glasses, mirrored glasses or any other glass type, this works well with them.

How to use this glass cleaning tablet?

It is fairly simple to use Dr Fizz. See the easy steps here below:-

  1. Drop Tablet in Water: You can create the cleansing formula by letting one Dr Fizz tablet dissolve in a glass of water.
  2. Place Glasses in Water: Allow the effervescent, bubbly action of the water to loosen grime and dirt from glasses.
  3. Soak and Remove: Take your glasses out and let them dry after soaking for 3 to 5 minutes in the mixture.

What is an Eyeglass Cleaner?

Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet

It is very important that you also take care of your spectacles so that they can properly serve you again. If you can’t see beyond your nose bridge without your eyeglasses, then you should take care of them as well.  

You will be able to see clearer with the cleaner around. You cannot prevent your glasses from becoming blurry after using them for a couple of hours. To make it clear again, you can simply clean it in a few seconds.

How does an eyeglass cleaner work? As far as eyeglass cleaners are concerned, there are numerous options available. 

As their simplest form, they are either liquid solutions sprayed directly onto the lenses or wipes with microfiber cloths cleaned in between.

The cleaning solution may also be contained in small packages that contain moist towelettes. No matter what kind of eyewear you wear, you can still give it a good clean with some lukewarm tap water, a small cotton cloth, and some liquid soap, if you do not have any cleaning solution available.

It shouldn’t contain any moisturizers, though. It is only fair to provide them with adequate care and maintenance since you must have spent quite a lot of money on your glasses. You will be able to protect what lets you see clearly if you invest in an eyeglass cleaner.

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What do you need TO KEEP YOUR EYE Glasses always Clean?

  • Cotton swabs for grime excavation: 
  • Try removing your glasses for a second and inspect the crevices. Pay special attention to the nosepads and hinges.  
  • Warm water: 
  • Certain lens coatings can be damaged by hot water; cold water is less damaging. A perfect temperature range for swimming is between lukewarm and warm water.
  • Dish soap (one sans abrasives or other additives): 
  • It’s okay to use dish soap that doesn’t contain abrasives or skin softeners. Dr. Fizz cleaning tablets our the best way to clean your tablet easily. 
  • Clean microfiber cloths: 
  • The napkin should be put down. Keep your T-shirt away, too. Glasses can only be cleaned with a few types of cloth. A tee can cause irritation, even if it looks soft microscopic damage that ruins lenses over time. If you want to clean and dry effectively, you should use microfiber cloths. You should treat your cloths like reusable handkerchiefs and wash them often, because a dirty one can accentuate grime, not reduce it.
  • Scratch-resistant storage:
  •  Keeping your eyeglasses clean and extending their life is easier when they’re protected when they’re not in use.  

Buying Guide to Buy the Best EyeGlass Cleaner

This guide will help you understand the importance of purchasing an eyeglass cleaner that will deliver the results you are looking for. Before buying any product, you should consider the following factors: 

Brand Longevity: Many startups offer quality products, but they are rare and hard to find. A good indication of the quality of a product is the number of years the manufacturer has been operating.

You can bet that they have a product that keeps their customers coming back for more if the company has been around for more than ten years and there is lots of competition in their industry.

Customer Reviews: Almost all online retail sites allow past customers to leave reviews for the products they have bought in the past. Also, if the product has more positive than negative reviews, you know it might be good.

Ingredients Used: Be sure to check the ingredients. Make sure you know what chemical ingredients might harm your lenses’ outer coating. Don’t use ammonia-containing products, for example.

This is because the lens and antiglare coating will be damaged by this ingredient. A good eyeglass cleaner should not damage your glasses’ lenses.

Ease-of-use: To use the product properly, there shouldn’t be more than three instructions. The process of applying and using your glasses should not take more than five minutes.

On the other hand, if you want a deeply cleansing product, you should accept that it will take you a little over five minutes to clean your eyeglasses. In order to use it properly, you should plan ahead of time.

Effectiveness of the Product: What is the average number of applications required to sufficiently clean your eyeglasses? Which one? How many? In an ideal world, the eyeglass cleaner would only need to be applied once to give you a crystal clear view of your spectacles.

Don’t focus on perfection since it’s unattainable. It should be possible to shine your eyeglasses in just two applications with your eyeglass cleaner.

Care and Maintenance: A cleaning product for eyeglasses will only need to be cared for and maintained if it is an ultrasonic cleaner. is already quite too much for most people who just want their eyeglasses clean, not sterilized.

It is important to understand how to properly store one particular cleaning product if you bought a couple of cases when it was on sale recently. The first thing you should do is not open the carton of brand new eyeglass cleaner if you still have some bottles of your favorite cleaner at home.

In order for them to have the longest possible shelf life, you should keep them in their original containers. When storing the box, ensure that it is kept in a cool, dry place, out of the direct sunlight.

Put it on the farthest corner of the garage shelf if that is the case. Make sure you keep eyeglass cleaners far away from light so they won’t lose their effectiveness. So you remember to eat the entire package before the expiration date, set an alarm on your phone for a week before it expires.

What to Customers Tell about Dr Fizz Glass Cleaning Tablet

How much does it cost?

The price of every product may differ as per the quantity purchased. Prices are mentioned below:

  • 1 for $39.99
  • 2 for $79.99
  • 3 for $89.99 – Recommended Deal
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From where to Buy?

You should buy Dr Fizz from their official site so that you do not miss any special offers and discounts. If you order now, you will receive a 50% OFF discount!


Thus, if you wish to keep your eye glasses always clean and free from scratches and dust, then Dr Fizz Eye Cleaner Tablets are the best way to do so. These are affordable and you can use them easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr Fizz safe for glasses with protective coatings?

Absolutely! Dr Fizz is powerful yet gentle, and won’t harm or ruin any protective glass coatings.

Do I need to use any special kind of water with the Dr Fizz tablets?

Any kind of water, including tap water and distilled water, will work perfectly with Dr Fizz.

Can I take Dr Fizz with me anywhere?

Yes you can. All you have to do is keep the tablets dry inside of their container until you use them.