Dechoker Anti-Choking Device Review: Does It Work?

Dechoker Anti-Choking Device Review: Does It Work?

Choking is a medical emergency and in the worst-hit scenarios it can lead to death. Surprisingly, over the period the first-aid treatments have not really changed. But with the advent of innovative products like Dechoker things have changed for good. 

There is no denying that it is a ground-breaking product; the best part is that it is simple to use.

Read on to gather more information about this anti-choking device which is a complete game changer and has immense utility in setups like restaurants, schools and home first-aid kits.

What Is Dechoker?

Dechoker stops people from choking and clears the airway right away. It can save your life in choking emergencies and is completely safe to use. It works in a few seconds and is very good at what it does. The Dechoker can be used by adults, children, and babies of any age, and anyone can use it. Its size is small and it’s easy to use, so I never need a guide to help me.


It looks like an injection syringe and works like a pump to clear blocked airways right away. The patient will feel better after using the Dechoker, but it’s not a high-tech device that will help them get better completely. It gives people enough time to get a sick person to the hospital. Most children and adults who went to the emergency room were okay after they choked on something.

Learn More About Your Dechoker

It has an extension at the end that looks like a mouth cover and has a tube sticking out of it. The body is round, and the base has a vacuum pull system of its own.

In particular, here are the parts of it:

Application Tube/Tongue Depressor: Pushes the tongue and allows the foreign object to pass through.

Respiratory Mask – Keeps air out of the mouth area

Plunger: Pulls air through the cylinder-shaped tube, which pulls the blockage in.

Exhaust Valve: A one-way valve that lets sucked air out only in one direction.

When you pull the handle, air is sucked in.

The Dechoker also comes in different sizes so that a toddler, a child, or an adult can use it.

Why Dechoker is an absolute necessity?

For several years, in a medical emergency like choking people have been resorting to techniques like abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver). It proves to be of great help when appropriately performed.

 But it is essential to pay attention to the fact that it is not all that simple and can lead to injuries like broken ribs. And just in case you are alone you will never be able to perform the technique on yourself. 

So there has always been a need for better, more effective, safer alternatives. This is where you will feel the need of something simple and effectual like Dechoker which doesn’t involve any sort of back-slapping or abdominal thrusting. And you can actually use it on yourself if you are alone. 

These days you can see emergency devices like defibrillators and fire extinguishers installed in places like public spaces and homes. And we know for sure that these have proved to be of great help in stopping countless emergencies.

How Does It Work?

Well, using the Dechoker is a child’s play and almost everyone can use it without any difficulty. It looks like a plastic syringe, but it doesn’t have a needle.

 For sucking out the food all that you need to do is pull back on the plunger. This way you will be able to remove objects and food items from the airway of the victim. This process doesn’t take that long and you can stay assured of the fact that there will be no abdominal injury.

You will be happy to know that the product is FDA-registered and you can get it in varied sizes (for adults, children or toddlers). 

How to use Dechoker

It’s not hard to figure out how to use. If you have ever used a water gun that you push and pull, you already know how to use this one.

Here’s what you need to do to use it:

  • Open the person’s mouth so they can breathe,
  • Put the application tube into the mouth while pushing down on the tongue. Make sure the mask covers the nose and mouth completely and seals it.
  • Turn the head around and lift the chin,
  • Put pressure on it to make sure it’s sealed, and pull the device back.
  • If the object doesn’t stick to the device, take it off, push out the air, and go back to step one.

If you still find any difficulty, read on how to use anti choking device easily.

What Are The Benefits

If you are really concerned about the wellbeing of your family, then you must invest in essential items like Dechoker. Such products have a major role in improving the happiness and health of your entire family. 

You must invest in Dechoker and ensure complete safety of your near and dear ones. Read on to get to know more about the benefits of this innovation. 

  • Simple to use: It is extremely easy to use. The product has been designed by professionals in such a manner that almost everyone can use it with great ease. Techniques like Heimlich maneuver were associated with injury risks and can be frightening to execute. On the other hand, the Dechoker is totally risk-free and can be used by simply placing the mask on the face. All that you will have to do is pull back on a plunger. 
  • Affordable: The best part is that it is reasonably priced and you can select from three sizes (for kids, toddlers, and adults). You can buy it for just $79.95.  
  • Peace of mind: With this amazing product you can have complete peace of mind as you can be sure about the safety of your entire family. You know for sure that with Dechoker you have an amazing life-saving option right at your fingertips in case of an emergency. 
  • Save life: It can be rightly said that the Dechoker is the perfect solution for saving lives.

Can the Dechoker keep you from choking?

Choking can happen at any time and without warning, no matter how healthy or sick you are or how old you are. As long as you can still breathe, you are a possible victim. When there is something in the airway, the brain can only go without oxygen for a few minutes. Those minutes are very important. You can do abdominal thrusts like the Heimlich maneuver, but you need to have done them before and know what you are doing.

Choking is very dangerous and has taken the lives of many people. Most of the people it kills are old or young children and toddlers. The elderly have frail bodies. So, their chances of surviving choking are lower because their bodies might not be able to handle physical force.

Small things, like toys, can easily get into the mouths of young children and toddlers. When someone is choking, they can’t even yell for help. Most of the time, it might be too late to do anything, unless you have a device called a “Dechoker” with you.

Do Doctors Recommend Dechoker?

Choking is one of the top four ways people die by accident. Kids like to play with water, and anything can happen when they do. A dechoker is a good thing to have so that accidents don’t happen by accident.

Dechoker is a device made to keep kids, adults, and toddlers from choking. The tool was made by a group of highly skilled doctors on a medical advisory team. Doctors recommend Dechoker because it has already saved hundreds of lives. LifeVac did a study and found that Dechoker works up to 94% of the time. Since you won’t have a professional at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can depend on this tool.

Pros and Cons

  • All ages can use these devices
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for home use for up to two years
  • Slightly expensive
  • No sizes available for infants below 12 months old

Is Dechoker A Scam?

When I heard that the Dechoker could cut down on choking accidents, I bought one to see if it was true and how it worked. After I used it, it really surprised me. I also helped 4 adults and 5 kids clear their airways of things that were making them choke, and they are now fine. When the lever is pulled up, two valves in the top of the cylinder open. The last valve makes sure that air leaves the cylinder and keeps the particles from going back into our mouths.

By making a vacuum, it sucked up the things that were choking the person, and the person felt instant relief. The shell lasts for 27 months, so you can use it as hard as you want. So I can be sure that it is a real first aid kit that can help right away if someone is choking.

Dechoker Testimonies

If you still don’t believe all that, here are some of the Dechoker reviews from users experiencing it first-hand.

“One time at dinner, my girlfriend and I were laughing at my nephew doing a comedic skit while eating. It was all fun until he was red all over, choking real badly. Thankfully, my mom bought some Dechoker after fiddling with the net reading some Dechoker reviews. He was saved in mere seconds!” Chris4DT

“I’ve always been paranoid about many things. One time I was watching this video of a guy doing speed eating until he suddenly choked. This urged me to surf the net, leading me to Dechoker reviews. I bought one and left it sitting for a month. Now I just used it recently on my mom. Can’t imagine what else would have happened”Sandy

“I shared with my wife an article about choking and she told me it’s best to look for alternatives should we need it for our family. I reached some Dechoker reviews and bought one for us. A week later, as if buying it was divine intervention, I saved my 3-year-old son from choking on his favorite toy.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of Dechoker is not too high. You will only pay $39.95 for a single piece. Both versions have the same price. If you buy two dechokers at the same time, you only have to pay $79.95. There is also a deal for only $119.95 that has three dechokers. At the official store, you can try out some extra equipment.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee And Warranty?

Yes, the company that makes the Dechoker will give you your money back and a new one if it breaks within 30 days. Also, reputable online stores like Amazon and eBay offer the same guarantee if something goes wrong. Also, it is completely safe for children and adults to use, and you don’t need any special skills to use it.

Where I Can Buy Dechoker?

The Dechocker device was bought from their official website. They give me a money-back guarantee for 30 days. You can find the first-aid device on a number of sites, but they don’t offer a money-back guarantee and sometimes send out fake items.

So, I suggest buying it from their official website or a reputable online marketplace like Amazon or eBay. If you buy 2 or more, you will get something for free and a discount. Don’t wait because every second is important.


Something as revolutionary as the Dechoker surely deserves all the endorsements and awards received from healthcare professionals. It is a unique first-aid device and is a life saver during the times of emergency. If there are aged people or kids at home, then it becomes all the more important that you invest in this amazing product. Bring Dechoker to your house and you will not regret it.