ClubCrush Reviews: Portable Blender Work?

ClubCrush Reviews: Portable Blender Work?

ClubCrush is a new easy-to-use portable smoothie blender that is tiny, lightweight, and ideal for travel mobility, with a one-touch rechargeable mixing function for those on the road who want to enhance their health on a regular basis. Are you sick of seeing your smoothie turn brown over time?

Have you ever considered how different the world might be if portable smoothie blenders were available? With the recent debut of ClubCrush, the moment has come to put an end to all thoughts and fantasies. According to the promises stated, this blender generates consistent, to one’s liking concoctions, is simple to operate, and most importantly, may be used whenever and wherever one desires.

What is ClubCrush?


ClubCrush is a portable blender that can be recharged and is meant to produce smoothies quickly. The blender is about the same size as the popular Magic Bullet and comparable hand-held blenders, allowing you to puree fruits, veggies, and other items on the move. It’s cordless, light, and easy to transport. It consists of rechargeable batteries. It can prepare hundreds of smoothies on a single charge, so you can use it whenever and wherever you want.

It’s also ideal for blending and preparing baby food. The ClubCrush makes it simple to create tasty smoothies on the move. Because it operates on batteries, you may take it to areas where no other blender has gone before, such as picnics, the beach, and even camping vacations. It’s small enough to carry with you wherever you go, and the plastic is BPA-free and FDA-approved.

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ClubCrush Features

It has a number of distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other similar products on the market:

  • Rechargeable: Its battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh and a voltage of 7.2V, and when completely charged, it can create hundreds of smoothies in one go.
  • There is no cable: Unlike other blenders, it is cordless. There is no requirement for a power outlet to function in order for it to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and diets. This is one of the reasons why it outperforms its competition since it is more user-friendly.
  • Blending Power: It’s a little device that packs a punch. It features four leaf blades made of 304 stainless steel that combine efficiency with 16500 rotations per minute. As a result, it has the ability to combine anything at any moment.
  • Simple to Use: Simply combine the materials and mix by pushing a button. The smoothie will be a combination that you may enjoy while sipping. One can have the greatest smoothie with only one push of a button.
  • Lightweight and portable: It is both lightweight and portable. It is small enough to fit in a bag and allows for the rapid preparation of tasty and healthy smoothies.
  • It may be used for a variety of things, not only smoothies. As a result, fruit and vegetable juices, baby food, cocktails, protein smoothies, and anything else that comes to mind may be blended.
  • Low Maintenance: There isn’t much that has to be done. It only needs to be washed out in water. If you wish to undertake a thorough cleaning, dismantle the ClubCrush into three sections and wash them separately.
  • High-Quality Materials: It is manufactured of 100 percent food-grade Tritan, which is free of BPS and BPA. This makes it more enticing to moms who wish to feed their children with it. It’s also shatterproof, so if it falls by mistake, it’ll be minimally damaged.
  • FDA Authorized: It has been approved by the FDA and is RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). It is safe to use and might be used by anyone.

Why you should buy ClubCrush?


You absolutely need to buy ClubCrush blender. It offers you not only exquisite quality but more importantly utmost convenience. Forget about these stationary blenders with cables that cannot be taken anywhere but your kitchen. It is a high quality product with a lot of advantages on its side, not to mention that the price of this device is ridiculously low compared to other blenders in the market. ClubCrush is definitely worth giving a go.

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The list of advantages linked with utilising ClubCrush is, as you can see, limitless and some more of them are as follows:

  • It’s cordless, so you can take it with you everywhere you go – picnics, the office, or on vacation.
  • Blades made of stainless steel are robust enough to combine any substances you choose.
  • The unit is easy to clean and can be rinsed out in an ordinary sink in seconds. It has a rechargeable battery, so you can prepare smoothies wherever you are.
  • Making your own smoothies instead of purchasing them in supermarkets saves you a lot of money.
  • It’s so little and light that you may take it with you everywhere you go.
  • It is quite simple to use.
  • Design that is simple to maintain and can be cleaned in any regular sink
  • It is presently available at a 50% discount, making it a viable option.

How does ClubCrush Blender work?

ClubCrush is a portable blender that functions similarly to other portable blenders. A motor is located in the base of the device. The stainless steel blades that eviscerate everything in the plastic container above are turned by this engine.

You may keep pressing the button as long as you like to combine the ingredients. You should be able to blend whatever fruits or veggies you like as long as there is enough liquid within. Sip on the blend straight from the BPA-free plastic cups after you’re done. Alternatively, you may dump it into a different container and clean the blender cups separately. After rinsing the blender cup in the sink, it’s ready to use.

A standard power cord is used by most smoothie makers, including the Magic Bullet and comparable blenders. To use it, you must plug the power cable into an electrical outlet. ClubCrush, on the other hand, runs on a rechargeable battery. You charge the gadget using a common micro-USB cable (the same one you’d use to charge any phone or tablet) and then use it for several hours each charge.

How to useĀ it?

  1. First of all, you need to add ingredients you want into the blending unit. It can be fruit, vegetables, protein powder, even ice cream; whatever your tastes run to.
  2. Then once you fill the unit with the desired ingredients, attach the blending unit to the motor unit and press the mixing button. It is the only button so you will never miss it. When your drink reaches the consistency you want, you are ready to enjoy it. It is that simple and that quick to work.
  3. You can now enjoy your drink. Drink the blend directly from the BPA free plastic cups or you can pour it into a separate container and clean the blender cup. You rinse the blender in the sink and it is ready to be used again.

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How much does it cost?

The pricing of ClubCrush is as follows:

  • 1 ClubCrush: $69.95 + $8.95 S&H (original price: $107.62)
  • 2 ClubCrushes: $109.95 + $9.95 S&H (original price: $215.23)
  • 3 ClubCrushes: $129.95 + $10.95 S&H (original price: $322.85)
  • 4 ClubCrushes: $159.95 + $11.95 S&H (original price: $430.46)

It is important to note that prices do not reflect any warranties. For whatever reason, if the device stops working, then it cannot be replaced unless it took place within the 30-day money-back guarantee and the package has not been opened.

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ClubCrush blender is an amazing must-have. It provides you with not just exceptional quality, but also the best in convenience. Forget about those corded, immovable blenders that can only be used in the kitchen. It is a high-quality product with several benefits, not to mention the device’s outrageously inexpensive price when compared to other blenders on the market. ClubCrush is a game that you should absolutely try.

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