Cardoc FixIt Review: Best Car Scratch Remover Cloth

Cardoc FixIt Review: Best Car Scratch Remover Cloth

CarDoc FixIt Review: When you drive your car, it is important to keep the body in good condition. If you don’t treat it properly over time and with rough treatment from reckless drivers or even mere scratches on roads that are inevitable given today’s fast-paced lifestyles – these marks can spoil both appearance as well as functionality of one’s vehicle which would then result into expensive repairs later down road when something worse happens because there will already be signs warning us about what might happen if nothing changes!

Cardoc FixIt is the best scratch remover in the market, that will help you in cleaning and maintaining the car. So, let us read about it in our detailed Cardoc FixIt review. 

What is Cardoc FixIt?

Cardoc FixIt

Cardoc Fixit is made from 100% pure polyester fiber. It may not spoil the look of your car or skin infections such as itching or irritation. You do not need any solution to clean the cars along with this cloth.

The fiber is very thin. It makes a comfortable touch on your skin and protects it from getting damaged by any chemical or other cleaner. Cleaning the cars with Cardoc Fixit is more easy than any other method. The design of this product does not allow using any solution on it while cleaning the objects. If you pour some liquid on it by mistake, it may spoil your cloth. You can also use it on large windows or mirror surfaces without getting wet by water or rain drops. It is very thin and there are no chances for water drips making their way through the surface of the glass again and again.

Features of CarDoc FixIt

  • Use it Multiple Times!
  • Nano-polyester Fiber
  • Instantly and Safely Removes Scratches
  • Works Great on Any Paint Color

How it works?

Cardoc Fixit is made from 100% pure polyester fiber. It may not spoil the look of your car or skin infections such as itching or irritation. You do not need any solution to clean the cars along with this cloth. All you have to do is wipe your car off and there you go!

How to use Cardoc Fixit?

How to use CarDoc Fixit
  1. Remove loose dirt from your car’s surface by just wiping it lightly with a clean micro-fiber towel or any other similar soft & lint-free material so as to avoid scratching since this product is safe for usage without causing any harm to paint, plastics and rubber work surfaces.
  2. Dip desired amount of FixIt in clean water till it becomes fully saturated but not dripping wet after which you should squeeze out the excess liquid before placing it on your hand or any other place where you intend to wipe off dust, dirt & leaving behind only perfectly clean & dry surfaces on your car’s body.
  3. Use this cloth for wiping off dust, dirt & grime from the surface of any part on your car, be it its tires or windows or bumpers or roof or doors or hood or trunk and even make use of it to clean up areas like door jambs, fenders, engine compartments and beyond without causing any harm to paint work.

Main Benefits

It is super absorbent

It can soak up to seven times its weight in dirt & moisture. This makes it highly efficient in removing dirt & grime from the surface leaving behind a clean shiny surface without any scratch marks or swirl marks on the paint/surface. It does not require any kind of cleaning solution including water which means that you will save time and money while doing the job by saving on buying expensive cleaners every now and then. 

No Harm to Paint

Does not cause any harm to paint & other surfaces because it has no chemicals or harmful elements making it safe for usage on all surfaces including cars with waxed finishes, paints etc., though they recommend using FixIt on non-waxed surfaces only. It is highly durable and does not wear out or tear with repeated usage over time unlike the regular cotton cleaning cloths which are usually thrown away after using them once or twice. 

Pure polyester fibers

Polyester fabric is used to make this cloth. You do not damage your hands with it. Aside from that, this cloth is perfect for removing scratches from cars, bikes, and trucks. You must have this cleaning cloth for your vehicle as it’s light and durable.

Gives shine 

With CarDoc Fixit, not only are scratches on cars and bikes removed, but they also look shiny. It removes dust, dirt, and mud from the outer surface of the vehicles.

Increases resale value 

In the market, good-looking cars command a higher price. The CarDoc Fixit cloth helps remove scratches and marks from cars, making them look like new. Further, it may enhance your car’s resale value.

Safe For Pain Coating 

Use CarDoc Fixit to clean your car with safety and effectiveness. As a result, you can safely remove scratches, dirt marks, and lines from the vehicles without removing the paint coating. Additionally, it helps polish the body of the car effectively.

Pros and Cons

  • It costs less than a dollar per square foot which makes it cheaper as compared to all other cleaners.
  • Does not leave any thin mark behind after cleaning the surface.
  • You do not need to apply solution as i-e Windex, etc. before cleaning the car with this cloth as it helps in increasing its longevity
  • If you don’t it well on the window, etc. then there are chances that it will leave a thin mark or scratch can damage your car’s paint.

What’s good about Cardoc FixIt?

It comes from a brand known for its quality products and this one too lives up to it reputation rather than other microfiber cleaning pads out there in the market that burn holes in your pocket without any extra benefits. The value for money factor should be high on anyone’s list while buying a product like this cleaning cloth, but Cardoc Fixit scores well on both durability & efficiency.

What’s not so good about Cardoc FixIt?

The convenience factor is low here so you cannot use it more than once through a regular cycle wash. Plus since it is not fully machine washable, there are chances of developing bacteria over time which would affect the quality and efficiency of the cleaning cloth in no time.

Is it really worth buying?

Cardoc Fixit comes with a 100% money back guarantee from the manufacturers which makes this microfiber cleaning pad even more desirable for users who want to buy a reliable accessory for their car exterior without burning a hole in the pocket. This is definitely one of the most cost effective ways to clean your car, whether it is an SUV or a sedan with no second thoughts about its durability and efficiency which are equally good. ​

Alternatives of Cardoc Fixit

Many people may think that they do not need this product because they already have the standard cotton cloths at their homes on which they rely for cleaning their cars. While there is nothing wrong with that, you may end up compromising with the result of your efforts if you are using these standard cloths on dirty or muddy surfaces since it will be hard to clean them later without streaks & swirl marks leaving behind a damp & dirty smudge mark on your car’s paint job while also taking more time than usual to achieve the desired result.

So what would be an alternative product worth considering? 

If you still want to go ahead with conventional cotton water based cleaners, then here are some recommendations from our side: 

CarPro Essence : This is a highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner that is free from solvents, acids and petroleum distillates that you may come across in many other similar cleaners. Instead of water, it uses a proprietary cleaning formula based on an enhanced hyper-foaming polymer known as FLEXVOLT which offers superior cleaning by suspending abrasive particles & dirt safely away from delicate painted finishes while pulling them deep into the cloth thus making it highly suitable for washing your car without causing any harm to its paint job or finish. 

Why you should order CarDoc Fixit?

Before and after using CarDoc FixIt

I would recommend every car owner to purchase this product because of its low cost and high efficiency in cleaning process. It helps in maintaining the smoothness and shiny look of your car which you get after applying wax over it.

What do people say?

Many truck and car owners used CarDoc Fixit to remove scratches from their vehicles. They say that their vehicles now look like brand new ones after using this cloth on them. Further, many car owners use this cloth on their white cars and get positive results every time. It is safe for cars and hands as well.

“Extremely simple to use.” -John Kripson said “Gets all the water off the car even in the tight spots!”

“Much better quality than I expected.” -TQ Hahn said “It really does seem to be a must have tool for washing cars!”

“The quality is great, the quality from Amazon always impresses me.” -Greg H. said “It’s very easy to use and works as advertised.”

CarDoc FixIt Review

We have used this for about six months now and it has not torn or worn out in any manner despite repeated usage on the exterior of our car every week, though the yellow color has faded, which does not matter to us much. Some people may want to get another two packs to be on the safer side, but then you will spend an extra buck for this convenience.

How to order?

You can buy CarDoc Fixit, only from its official site. Here, is the link for that. Afterward, you can either pay cash or by credit card depending on the package you have chosen. Within 4 to 5 days, you will receive your order.


We hope that after reading this review of Cardoc FixIt you will be able to decide whether or not this product can serve your purpose by offering the benefits of traditional cotton cloths without having to use any harsh chemicals. This way you will keep yourself away from skin infections such as itching or irritation, and also maintain your car’s shiny look for a longer time without having to spend much effort or money thanks to its quick action functionality and supercharged cleaning ability.  

Hope my personal review was helpful in your buying decision. Have a nice day! Also let me know if you have any other car care products that are essential during the rainy season? Comment below with your opinion on what are the best tools & remedies for cleaning out dirt from windshield wipers and overall exterior of vehicles during monsoon season?