Bye Bye Barks Review – Is This Anti Barking Device Worth?

Bye Bye Barks Review – Is This Anti Barking Device Worth?

There is nothing better than having a dog as a friend. Our companions are affectionate, loyal, sincere and fun; we love to have them with us at home. Our neighbours and family may not all be as enthusiastic about dogs as we are. Our furry friends can cause certain inconveniences that make life more difficult. Most annoying is the barking of dogs without a doubt. In order to prevent disturbing others, We Say Goodbye to the barks of your dog with Bye Bye Barks.

Find exactly how Bye Bark can help you in our Bye Bye Barks Review! 

Most of us have spent late hours barking at noises outside because of our favorite fur baby. When something like that happens, it’s easy to feel like sending them to a different home for just a second. The Bye Bye Barks Website lets you avoid raising your voice altogether. If your cat scratches your furniture, you can spray them with water using this incredible device. Without hurting your dog, you are simply getting their attention. Ready to find out if you can get this anti barking dog device at the lowest price? 

What is Bye Bye Barks?

Bye Bye Barks

With this product, dogs can be taught to avoid undesirable behaviours. With the help of ultrasonic waves accomplish this. Humans cannot hear the sounds produced by these devices, but dogs can. The sound is unpleasant to him the moment he hears it. In turn, this signals to him that his owner does not like the way he is acting. The device, however, is able to stop the unwanted behaviour by appealing to the innate “will to please” of every dog. Neither dog nor owner have any side-effects, as it uses no chemicals. Only a sound that cannot even be heard by humans.

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Key Features

  • With ultrasonic sounds that grab your dog’s attention instantly, you can control your pet.
  • Everyone (dogs and humans) can use it
  • Dogs won’t bark or chew when this method is used
  • ​With a built-in LED light, stay safe at night
  • ​Suitable for pets within 65 feet

How Does The Device Work?

You might wonder what to do if the Bye Bye Barks Device does not shock your pet into submission. Dogs senses need to be stimulated. Training is made easy with this ultrasonic device that emits a safe sound. It does not shock your pet, but instead engages them in what is going on and alerts them to stop it. If the behavior stops, give a treat or give yourself a command after the sound. Besides the built-in LED light, another great feature of the device is its size.

 It is incredibly useful for walkers who are out in the dark with their dogs. If you would like to try this top selling training device for yourself before the limited supplies run out, click any image or button on this page!

Why do I need this Bye Bye Barks device?

Bye Bye Barks

The device is intended for owners of dogs who want to train their pet a few tricks. Please note that dogs should only be leashed by owners who know how to use the device. It is not required to use the device in all situations because it emits a sound that stops a dog’s unwanted behavior. As such, only responsible people should use it. Neither age nor gender matter. Dogs themselves are also important besides the user. This may not be a suitable application if this is extremely sensitive.

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Main Benefits

The following features are unique to this device.

Easy to install and use: By simply installing this device into the bracket, you can use it easily. Connect the power adapter to a wall outlet and you’re ready to go. It will keep your dog perfectly behaved if you install it at the main door. Pocket-friendly.

Unique design with LED: Compact design and integrated LED make this device easy to carry.

Affordable pricing: Similar devices can be extremely costly. You can also harm your dog with some of them. There is no better product for improving your pet’s behavior than Bye Bye Barks. A 50% discount is also available if you purchase it today.

Long Range and digital training: Despite its long range, this device is easily able to cover an entire house. A digital training module will also be provided to you to help train your dog.

How To Use This Anti Barking Device?

The device doesn’t know exactly how to react to your dog when you hold it up. Nevertheless, some traditional training tactics will still need to be used along with the device. There’s good news, though: you’re getting a free digital training book with your purchase! You can also try these other tips with Bye Bye Barks Personal Trainers:

Cover Their Kennel – Dogs that bark constantly at night should be put in kennels and covered with blankets. It helps your dog to calm down by muffleing noises outside.

Be Dominant – A dog cannot walk over you while you sit back and watch. Your fur baby needs to know that you mean business when you command it. Don’t let meekness get in the way of your goals.

Trick and Treat – Ignore your dog’s barking and pretend that you don’t hear him. Treat them when it stops. You can gradually increase the time between treats after your pet gets the hang of it.

Dogs Can Be Trained Anywhere & Anytime

Dogs can be amazing (when properly trained), but a lot of them misbehave such as barking, chewing, running off, nipping, and biting. They won’t listen even if you call their names repeatedly.

This innovative device uses ultrasonic high pitch sounds and flashing lights to attract your pet’s attention. Your pet will stop any bad behavior with the push of a button and will very much get your attention to listen to what you have to say. The perfect dog is only a few steps away when you train and reward it.

Why Bye Bye Barks is special than other devices?

Bye Bye Barks

Dog owners are already using this device to control their pets. Reviews and testimonials have been received from customers around the world. Pocket-sized and lightweight, it is easy to carry. Despite excessive barking both inside and outside, you can control it easily. The dog can be singled without hurting it. Waves will be produced within a range of 65 feet. Dogs of all breeds can use it since it is appropriate for them.

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What is The Best Solution to Annoying Barking?

Dogs won’t woof again when they use Bye Bye Barks ultrasound system.

Using a modern anti-bark system, Bye Bye Barks automatically activates its sensor after the third or fourth bark. With its optimal frequency, it reduces your dog’s barking to a whisper. Don’t argue over the barking with your neighbors. Bye Bye Barks will help you fall asleep at night by preventing the dreaded midnight barking from waking you up.  

You can train your dog with Bye Bye Barks. Your dog will stop barking within days if you install a learning system that makes him/her aware of high-frequency sounds that are missing. Bye Bye Barks automatically activates after the dog barks three or four times, so it will connect barking to the sound that it dislikes. This is a simple, tried-and-true method. Enjoy time with your pet and take time to rest. The barking of your dog is over!

This powerful Anti Barking Device is used for what?

  • Putting an end to barking
  • Get the attention of your dog
  • 65-foot control of your pets
  • Flashlights Make Nighttime Visible
  • Do not chew or run away
  • It’s All That!

What is the Functionality of Bye Bye Barks?

A smaller, portable version of a remote control, Bye Bye Barks Dog Trainer takes up the same footprint as a large remote control. Well, I guess that makes sense since it kind of is. The lanyard strap on the one end of the device secures it to the arm. Regardless of the circumstances, the device will stay in your hand and won’t slip.

Its most important component is the ultrasonic emitter with two large coils. Humans cannot hear the sound waves produced by these creatures. However, dogs can hear it better due to their wider audible range. Dog whistles are similar to this sound and it’s a slightly more advanced version. Due to the emitted ultrasonic sound, Bye Bark claims that any potential health issues are completely avoided.

Along with the IR blaster, you also get a set of LED lights. Bye Bark hasn’t given me any explanation for why this IR blaster is there, and I’m not sure what it’s for either. As far as we know, the LEDs are for use as a flashlight if you are unable to use the device in low-light conditions. Additionally, the lights can be used so that your dog will pay attention to you when screaming is unnecessary.

Operationally, it’s quite simple. The device has an On/Off switch that needs to be pressed every time it is turned on or off. The Bye Bark Dog Trainer also comes with a slider to control the three different modes. According to the modes, there are the following functionalities:

  • Chaser: A dog’s back-up can be forced by using this technique. This can be particularly useful if the animal exhibits excessive aggression and you fear it may attack. A relevant sound will be emitted to force the dog to move away.
  • Train: The mode’s name suggests that it’s for training a dog. The Trainer mode doesn’t force the dog away like the Chaser mode. Instead, it teaches it how to follow orders.
  • Light: In this case, the ultrasonic sound emitters are not involved but the LED lights. They are only activated when necessary.
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For What Other Purposes This Anti Barking Device be used?

  • Light: When walking at night, the device’s LED light can be used as a torch.
  • Training: The LED light emits ultrasonic waves that train your pet.
  • Stop barking: The emitted light and the heard sound are involved here to prevent the dog from barking.

When this occurs, it is advisable to purchase anti-barking devices from reputable manufacturers such as those linked above.

Try Bye Bye Barks and Rest Easy

Despite the broad range of solutions, there is no guarantee that the issue can be completely solved. Your pet became more stressed as a result of training or even quarrels about discharges. Barking can be exacerbated by this, resulting in an increase in the problem. Effort and money wasted. Bye Bye Barks says good-bye to barking, so you can stop looking for a solution.

You will get a power adapter when you purchase Bye Bye Barks. Avoid changing batteries every now and then, and save money! Additionally, it comes with a bracket for mounting it: to reduce barking by your dog when he hears noise on the stairs, mount it near the door of the house or just where he barks most frequently.

Bye Bye Barks Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews for Bye Bye Barks! It’s so awesome to control your dog without harming it, and so many people are excited about it. A customer states that she keeps one of the training tools in her car and one at home. Customers enjoy the fact that there is no collar to worry about their dog trying to remove. Using this product, you won’t have to zap or yell your dog to get them to listen to you! Is this device something that you’re eager to try? 

What’s in the Box?

Bye Bye Barks Dog Trainer may not come in a box, but it does come with a few free goodies that anyone would appreciate receiving along with the tool. Dog grooming glove, IQ Ball toy, and a digital training book are among the goodies. Depending on which package you get, you’ll get different things. There are three packages available:

Package 1:

  • 1x Bye Bark Dog Trainer device
  • Contains a Free Digital Dog Training book

Package 2:

  • 2x Bye Bark Dog Training devices
  • Free Digital Dog Training book
  • Contains a Free Dog Grooming glove

Package 3:

  • 3x Bye Bark Dog Training devices
  • Free Digital Dog Training book
  • Contains a Free Dog Grooming glove
  • Free IQ Ball toy

Where To Buy Your Device?

To see what exclusive offers are available, you can use our links to go directly to the official product website. Now is the time to save 50% OFF or more on your first order! But these deals aren’t permanent. Before this exclusive offer expires or supplies run out, click any image or button on this page to say goodbye to barking and misbehaviors once and for all!

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Bye Bye Barks Price & Verdict

As you saw earlier, each package has a different price, mainly based on what it entails. Depending on the package, the price will be $85.90, $129.5, or $313.8. It is a significant amount of money. You are right to think so. It was, however, an “inexpensive” solution according to me. As it turns out, I wasn’t lying since Bye Bark is currently running a limited time sale.

Prices of Packages 1, 2, and 3 have dropped to $42.95 (50% discount), $66.65 (56%) and $86.97 (64% discount) respectively as a result of this discount. Bye Bark has smashed the industry standard, which is 10% discount on products, by offering 25% off.

The idea of Bye Bark making money off such a low discount really intrigues me. Nevertheless, at the discounted price we know this is a tremendous value. Choosing a package is not an easy decision.

You should go for whichever package you feel is right for you and is within your budget. Every package comes with its own benefits. In Package 1, for instance, you get the least amount of stuff, but the lowest price. The third package is the most expensive, but it also comes with the most features. Package 2 strikes a nice balance between the two. In terms of value for money, Package 3 represents the best value. Here’s the official website for Bye Bark Dog Trainer if you wish to purchase this product.


The purpose of this article from “Barks Device-Review” is to provide advice to people who have problems controlling their dogs. Let us know your valuable comments in the comments area if you have any questions or suggestions.