BuzzBGone vs Ozzi Mozzie: Which Bug Zapper is Good?

BuzzBGone vs Ozzi Mozzie: Which Bug Zapper is Good?

In today’s modern world, mosquitoes have become an inescapable source of transmitting lots of diseases that not only create numerous health problems but also can’t let you sleep quietly after a busy day. Find out the difference between BuzzBGone vs Ozzi Mozzie with us.

That’s the reason, people choose chemical treatments like sprays and mosquito repellent lotions to get rid of mosquitoes and flying insects. However, these sources have not been successful in the long run. And then after a lot of study, zapping devices like BuzzBGone and Ozzi Mozzie swept the internet by storm due to their efficacy and fantastic features.

These devices feature UV light and help destroy insects promptly in a matter of seconds. Due to high buzz, most individuals are confused about which is the right choice to consider. Many people believe Ozzi Mozzie is best, whereas some people trust the high-powered UV light of BuzzBGone.

Let’s check out everything in our detailed BuzzBGone vs Ozzi Mozzie comparison.

BuzzBGone vs Ozzi Mozzie – Comparison Chart

Let’s compare the two most efficient devices and find out which one is more effective to keep insects at bay.

FeaturesBuzzBGoneOzzi Mozzie
Safe and effectiveYesYes
Operation procedureUV lightUV, flash beam light
Easy to cleanYesYes
Durable and long-lastingYesBulbs get damaged
Power600vNot known
Compact and portableYesYes
Affordable and reliableMore affordableA bit expensive
For indoors and outdoorsYesYes
Noiseless and odorlessYesYes
Battery time3-4 hours14 hours

About BuzzBGone


BuzzBGone is the most effective bug zapping and killing device that operates using high-quality UV light. The device is hangable, portable, safe, and travel-friendly. You may use it indoors as well as outdoors. It’s also incredibly straightforward to use. Just switch on the button and its purple light will be able to kill all the insects as soon as they come in touch.

It’s one of the most trustable brands which has been servicing for years. That’s why people trust BuzzBGone more than any other insect zapping device in Australia.

How it works?

As indicated previously, BuzzBGone works with UV light. But this UV lamp is more brilliant and effective than other gadgets employing UV light to kill insects.

It’s free from all kinds of chemicals and pesticides, which makes it the desired method to destroy insects. You need to charge the device fully to get rid of insects in hours. It comes with a little micro-cable that helps it recharge in 2-3 hours. When you press the button, it will emit purple light from the lamp. This relaxing light will attract and draw insects as it’s just like a source of food.

Once insects move closer, they immediately get ensnared and killed on the spot. When they are slain, they accumulate in an interior chamber which you can empty before using it again.

Features of BuzzBGone

  • Long-Lasting Battery: A battery that lasts for a long time makes this device highly effective and brilliant. After fully charging, it can last up to three hours.
  • Purple LEDs: Manufacturers claim purple LEDs are more effective at attracting mosquitoes and bugs. Despite its purple color, this light does not irritate eyes, but rather attracts insects with its soft illumination.
  • No Harmful Chemicals: All kinds of harmful chemicals are absent from BuzzBGone. LED light is the only means of killing insects.
  • Rechargeable: Battery life is long and the device is rechargeable.
  • Hangable: If you want to hang it on a door or a wall, you can do so anywhere. Place it on a table if you wish.

Instructions to use

One of the features of the BuzzBGone Zap device is its ease of use. Three steps are required to operate the device.

  1. The BuzzBGone Zap can be charged with the included micro USB cable. When the device is charging, the LED indicator turns red, and when it is fully charged, it turns orange.
  2. Activate the device by pressing the top rotary switch. Purple LEDs will illuminate after a “click.”
  3. For optimal performance, place the BuzzBGone Zap in the desired position for at least 2 hours. The region will therefore be free of mosquitoes and other flying insects.

About Ozzi Mozzie

Ozzi Mozzie

Ozzi Mozzie is a newly designed insect zapping gadget in Australia that performs the same as BuzzBGone. It also has UV light to eliminate insects. However, it combines a more proprietary and modern flash beam technology that zaps and destroys insects 5x faster than other devices available on the market.

The device features a long-lasting battery that runs for hours. It is also fairly safe and portable. You can use it around your kids and pets confidently since it doesn’t offer any harm. The device comes with a protective cover which makes it a safer solution for anyone sitting alongside it.

How does it work?

Ozzi Mozzie is also a dependable bug killer, eliminating all mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, and other flying insects in the vicinity. It generates no obnoxious noise from the fan. It simply emits a soft purple beam that is highly effective at eliminating all insects.

With a frequency of 365 nM, this light attracts insects magically and similarly to a magnet. When a light is turned on, insects become drawn to it and approach. They are instantly killed when they come into contact with the electric grid.

Features of Ozzi Mozzie

  • Flash Beam Technology: It uses patented flash beam technology to kill insects within seconds. When the button is pressed, it starts killing insects right away.
  • Long Battery Time: There is a long battery life of 14 hours on the device. It has a 14-hour kill time once fully charged.
  • Natural Approach: As opposed to using pesticides, alcohol, or other chemical methods to kill insects, Ozzi Mozzie uses a natural approach.
  • Wide Coverage: It covers the entire area as it comes with a wide frequency range of 365 nM.
  • Safe and Effective: It is said to be safe and effective as per the manufacturers. The product kills insects immediately without causing any harm to the surroundings.

Steps to use

  • You can charge the Ozzi Mozzie with the micro USB cable included. A red LED indicates that the unit is charging, and a green LED indicates it is fully charged.
  • The device’s top button must be pressed. There will be a ‘click’ and the LEDs will turn on. 
  • The Ozzi Mozzie should be placed in the area you intend to use and left operating for at least two hours to produce the best results. You will be able to get rid of any mosquitoes and other flying insects beforehand.

BuzzBGone vs Ozzi Mozzie – What is the Best?

  • High-quality UV light: BuzzBGone features a very powerful UV light that instantly kills insects.
  • Long Battery Time: 
  • As it runs for 14 hours, Ozzi Mozzie is the device to choose when it comes to long battery life. BuzzBGone lasts only 3-4 hours.
  • High Power: BuzzBGone takes first place in the competition thanks to its 600 volt power that kills insects efficiently.
  • Favorite Choice: People trust BuzzBGone more than any other mosquito zapper because it is an established brand in Australia.

Price of BuzzBGone

There are only a few options available to consumers who are looking at purchasing this product. The official product website is currently the only place where BuzzBGone can be purchased. Bundling multiple devices together is a way for users to save money as part of an ongoing promotion. Discounts are also available for users who bundle multiple devices together.

Current purchasing packages for BuzzBGone include:

  • 1 BuzzBGone: $59.99
  • 2 BuzzBGone: $119.98
  • 3 BuzzBGone: $134.98 (Highest Savings!)
  • 4 BuzzBGone: $164.97

Ozzi Mozzie Price

If you are interested in purchasing this product, you have a few options. The only place to purchase  Ozzi Mozzie is through the official website. Multi-device bundles provide users with the opportunity to save money through ongoing promotions. Multiple-device bundles can also lead to discounts.

  • 1 x Ozzi Mozzie ($49.90)
  • 2 x Ozzi Mozzie ($89.90)
  • 3 x Ozzi Mozzie can be bought only for $99.90, it is the best buy
  • 4 x Ozzi Mozzie ($119.90)


Thus, when it comes to effectively and efficiently eliminating insects, insect-killing zappers thrive. However, if you must choose only one device, make it the most powerful one possible for optimal outcomes.

As a result, BuzzBGone is still a better choice than Ozzi Mozzie or any other insect zapper based on our analysis and customer experiences. While its battery life is limited, it nevertheless kills insects excellently with its high-quality UV light.