BurstAudio Earbuds vs AirPods Pro: Which is Good?

BurstAudio Earbuds vs AirPods Pro: Which is Good?

A true wireless earbud review pits BurstAudio Earbuds vs AirPods Pro. There are two sets of true wireless earbuds, both featuring active noise cancellation (ANC). While each headset is more expensive than your standard consumer earphones, they are relatively close in price, especially after AirPods Pro prices dropped recently.

We’ll compare BurstAudio Earbuds and AirPods Pro to find out which is better.

BurstAudio Earbuds vs AirPods Pro

BurstAudio Earbuds vs AirPods Pro

This pair of earbuds from BurstAudio is unlike any other. They are cutting-edge wireless gadgets. BurstAudio Earbuds, in contrast to Apple earbuds, are very gentle on the ears after prolonged use. Pairing them via Bluetooth is a breeze. Your cellphone will make it easy for you to contact people. BurstAudio Earbuds come with several hours of battery life, as well as a battery in the case, which means you can charge them with that battery to continue using them.

BurstAudio Earbuds vs AirPods Pro – Compatability

Apple devices are better integrated with the AirPods Pro. With an H1 chip, all your iCloud devices will be automatically connected. When the earbuds are connected, they can be controlled from the control center or within the settings app on your Apple device. Within the iOS Settings app, you have access to spatial audio, automatic switching between sources, as well as ear tip fit tests.

An explanation of how the Apple AirPods Pro ear tip fit test works

Before you begin the fit test, the earbuds must be securely inserted in your ears. After a test has been run, it provides feedback on whether the set is a good match or if you need a different one. You can also choose to activate active noise cancellation or transparency mode in Bluetooth settings. When taking calls, you can choose which AirPod will be the default microphone.

AirPods Pro can be paired manually with Windows and Android devices, just like traditional Bluetooth headphones. A few customizations can be made after connecting AirPods Pro. Active noise cancellation and transparency mode are activated by pressing hard on the stem.

In contrast, BurstAudio Earbuds show its willingness to work with Android. You can find your headphones within Bluetooth settings and access battery information via the pop-up card.

Battery Life

A handy 2000mAH power bank is included with the BurstAudio Wireless Earbuds. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge the power bank. As a result, even if you’re far from a power source, you can still enjoy the game throughout the day. Ensure that your earbuds are fully charged before leaving home with the power bank.

On the other hand, Airpods pro, 

In our testing, we were able to get five hours, six minutes of continuous playback with ANC turned on (connected to an iPhone), which was just above average for most true wireless models. If you turn active noise cancellation on and turn the volume up to about 50%, you’ll get about four and a half hours of continuous playback based on Apple’s claim. You can charge your headphones for up to 24 hours using this charging case, and even better, it is compatible with any Qi wireless charger or MagSafe charger.

Thus, in battery also, BurstAudio Wireless Earbuds win. 

Price Difference

1 BurstAudio Earbuds: $50 while Airpods Pro cost $250

Thus, you can get BurstAudio Earbuds for 1/5th the price of Airpods Pro. 


Thus, if you are looking for a good and economical pair of Earbuds, then BurstAudio Earbuds suits you the most as it offers better connectivity with both Android and iOS and also battery life is better. But, if you are looking for earbuds with better sound quality and microphone quality then Airpods Pro is the best choice.