Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Reviews: Scam or Legit

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Reviews: Scam or Legit

Everyday researchers like to blow you away by debunking myths by asking the question, Did you know? Approximately 70% of the human body is composed of hydrogen. I attended a group therapy session the week before in which a nutritionist was invited to speak. When she began speaking, the nutritionist asked Did you know an apple a day can help you avoid visiting the doctor? As I watched the session, I thought, “Wow, what an appropriate way to introduce today’s Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Review!” 

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Review begins with a very important Do You Know question from the US Environmental Protection Agency: Did you know that indoor air is actually up to five times dirtier and less conducive to breathing than outdoor air? And did you also know that the air inside is 100 times less healthy than the air outside? 

What?! This is all new to us as well! 

Our typical outdoor sources of pollution, such as smokestacks emitting fumes upon fumes of smoke, and the lampblack emitted by trucks and buses, are often considered more dangerous than the dirty air inside our homes. 

Research has shown that our homes are actually magnets for all types of airborne particles that are undoubtedly dangerous for our respiratory systems. This puts you at risk for common ailments such as coughing, asthma, irregular heartbeats, sore throats, and reduced lung function.

However, now that we have technology, we can filter out these dirt particles and ensure that the air we breathe at home is cleaner.  A tech brand by the name of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner fits into this category. Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner reduces bad smells and dust from the air by using advanced filtering, activated charcoal, and negative ion technology. 

Key Highlights

  • Blast the extra air filter. Cleans the air quickly and easily
  • Clean the air of dangerous particles and allergens
  • Includes an advanced air intake that lets air in from all directions.
  • Because it is portable, it is easy to move from a desk to a cup holder in a car.
  • It charges very quickly through a USB port on a computer or a regular electrical outlet.

What is Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner?

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner

Developed as a modern innovation, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner circulates clean air, allowing users to feel comfortable even during scorching summer days or cold indoor winter days.

With its three-in-one functionality, it can be used to combat allergens, dust, bacteria, and odors.

You can use the Air Cleaner by Blast Auxiliary in any room of your house because of its upgraded design and advanced features. When working, you can place it on your desk, beside your bed, or on your kitchen counter when preparing meals.

If you travel or go to the beach, you could take it with you. It is the first personalized air purifier of its kind. No matter if it is the hot, sweaty, and miserable summer heat or a dark, cold, no fresh air winter, they enable the users to stay healthy despite poor air quality.


The following specifications are listed by the manufacturer for Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner:

  • USB-C or USB-A cables can be used to charge the device
  • Fan sound does not exceed 20 decibels
  • Using its Negative ION capabilities, it can eliminate fine dust particles
  • Voltage: 5 volts DC
  • The current is 260 mA
  • Three fan speeds are available
  • Another activated carbon filter reduces dust particles and odors through the removal of the removable filter.
  • clean the filters quickly with a brush or a blow dryer.

Features of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner

Features of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner

The features offered by this product are excellent, according to its website and several reviews. With this cleaner, you can keep the air in your home fresh and clean.

Here are a few of this product’s best features:

High-Performance Filter

Air is purified and cleaned by the Blast Auxiliary Cleaner’s high-performance filter. Removes the 99.5% of dirt particles. Air filters like this are unique. In other words, you can replace the air filter once it becomes dirty. Each filter lasts for six months as well.

You can breathe clean air and live a healthier life when this feature is in place.

USB-C Enabled: Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner charges via USB-C cable, so it is compatible with both laptops and computers.

Grid Design: As per the manufacturer, this device cleans the air 360 degrees. Each side of the machine is equipped with vents in a grid pattern that allows it to clean the air.

Mood Light: This air purifier also comes with a mood light to enhance the aesthetics of your room in addition to cleaning the air.

Some Other Features

Lightweight and Compact

It fits in small spaces thanks to its compact design. As sleek as they come, this product utilizes the latest cleaning technology. In your home, you can really place it anywhere you like; it isn’t hard to find a place for it.

Additionally, you can take it wherever you go.

Easy To Use

It is easy to use this device. Very little setup is required. It simply needs to be placed on a flat surface. For all of its features, you just need to press one button to get started; you don’t need any technical knowledge. The device can be started and stopped with just one push.


It is extremely light and compact, as we mentioned earlier. Furthermore, this makes it convenient to use at home, in the office, even in the garage. Easily transports from one room to other. You can use this device while on vacation to keep your hotel room’s air fresh.

Night Light

This device can do much more than just clean the air in your house. Furthermore, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner includes a built-in night light that allows users to choose whether they want magenta, fuchsia, orange, blue, yellow, or red and green lighting. There is an integrated nightlight that provides enough light during the night. This night light also serves as an LED display that you can use to see the settings.

Why you should buy Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner?

A person inhaling fresh air by using Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner

In order to keep the air at home clean, we have to keep the air we breathe free of bacteria and germs. The very reason why people are looking for ways to keep the air they breathe clean is because of this.

The world has been experiencing a pandemic for the last two years, which has forced everyone to wear masks in public places now. 

Masks can protect you only in public places, not at home. Maintaining clean indoor air is easy with the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner. Offices and other closed spaces can also benefit from this device.

The device works by eliminating pollutants, dirt particles, and allergens from the air. The best part is that you can place it anywhere as it offers 360-degree cleaning options.

Despite the low price of this product, it offers many benefits. Comparing it with other air cleaners in the same price range, the difference between the two is evident. Auxiliary cleaners in its price range are far outperformed by the Blast Auxiliary Cleaner.

The users of this device were able to endure the wildfires of 2020 on the west coast. By cleaning the dust and ash particles, it made the air breathable, and it also provided a cool breeze that allowed it to endure the heat. Furthermore, it also helps prevent chronic coughing, which is common during forest fires.

Moreover, it also helps to eliminate foul odors from the home.

Does the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner actually work?

Absolutely! Every review of a Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner proves that these air purifiers are real. You can see how much people love these air purifiers by going to the official website. The Blast Auxiliary Cleaner stands out from its competitors because of the technology that was used to make it.

When you read each Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner review, it’s easy to see how convenient and effective these air purifiers really are and how they can clean the air we breathe every day. The way we clean and purify the air we breathe every day has changed because of ionic purifiers.

With the new technology and the activated charcoal filter, it is easy to get rid of any harmful or unwanted particles in the air. Once the negative electrical charge hits the annoying particles, they will be destroyed and fall out of the air.

Because the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner has a strong filtration system, people can be sure that all harmful particles will be taken out of the air they regularly breathe within a 50 square foot / 5 m2 radius.

If the space or room where the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is being used is bigger than 50 square feet/5 m2, you will need to buy more than one purifier to clean all the air in that space. It works well in small spaces and is easy to move when necessary.

What are the benefits?

Eco Friendly

Environment is not harmed by its design or operation. Setup is simple and does not harm the surrounding environment. Additionally, the air cleaner does not use harmful chemicals to purify the air.

Multipurpose Usage:

 As described earlier, the air cleaner offers three different functions. You can use this device to sterilize the air you breathe in a matter of seconds with a one-button operation, RGB light and lightweight design. It all depends on what you want to do with it at a given time.

High Performance Air Filter: Removes 99.97% of airborne particles, and the filter can be changed every six months.

What made Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner unique from other air purifiers in the market?

When you look at the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner, it’s easy to see how the design of some of its competitors might be similar. But the details are in how it makes the air inside better.

Every Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner review has a different point of view or opinion. Still, every review of the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner says the same thing: that it works well to clean the air and make the air quality better.

How does Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Work?

Working of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner

Activated charcoal filters and high-quality materials ensure that the air is 100% safe and clean. Negative ions draw all air through these filters. Positive ions such as allergens, germs, and dust are attracted by the negative electrical charge created by this technology, causing them to fall to the floor, where they are not inhaled.

Why is it so unique?

Among the many reasons why this air cleaner might be better than others are:

  • Easy to use, with only one button for each function, and no tools required to set up.
  • Additionally, there is a fully functional mood light that adds to the functionality and aesthetics of a room or house.
  • The portable, lightweight, and compact design of this device cannot be overstated. In addition to being able to put it anywhere, you can also carry it anywhere.

How to use Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner?

Turning on the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner

By following the steps below, you’ll be able to use this device very easily:

  • A flat surface is a good place to place the Blast Auxiliary Cleaner.
  • Use the included Type-C charging cable to charge the device.
  • An on/off switch will be located on the top of the device. It will turn the fan and nightlight on as soon as it is switched on.
  • You can switch off the night light by pressing the button a second time.
  • Simply press the button once more to turn off the night light.

How to change the air filter?

Air Filter Change Process
  1. Remove the Air Cleaner base.
  2. Take out the old filter and replace it with a new one.
  3. Re-attach the base of your Air Cleaner.

Note: Use only the official Blast Auxiliary air Cleaner Filter available via

Safety Reminders

  1. Do NOT immerse the Air Cleaner in water.
  2. Do NOT expose the Air Cleaner to direct sunlight or extreme heat.
  3. Replace the Air Cleaner Filter every 6 to 9 months to make the most out of your Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner.

Pros and Cons of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • High-quality materials are used to make the device
  • Select from three fan speed settings: automatic, low, or medium
  • Portable
  • Maintenance is simple and doesn’t require you to spend money
  • Maintains the clean air in rooms up to ten square meters with this device
  • It produces a shallow sound and does not vibrate
  • Also it uses negative ion technology
  • It is not expensive at all
  • No need of set up
  • Due to limited availability, this item is currently out of stock
  • Their official website is the only place to find it

What’s included?

  • Air Cleaner + Filter
  • User Manual
  • Type-C USB Cable
  • Warranty Slip

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Reviews Customer Reports

I used to get red, itchy eyes and congested sinuses all the time, but the Blast Air Cleaner put an end to all that. I LOVE this thing, it’s changed my life completely and can’t wait to tell my sisters about it. My whole family suffers from allergy problems. – Mischa F.

My wife deals in antique books, which is great – but unfortunately, it makes our home smell like a used bookstore. I plugged in the Blast Auxiliary unit, not expecting much, but I was totally blown away! It got rid of that musty, old book smell after running it for just a few hours. Worth every penny! – Tyler K.

I just place this thing in a room before I go out, and when I come back home, I can’t believe how fresh and clean my room smells! Activated charcoal is the best at removing stubborn odors, and it sure works in this unit. It feels like an invisible hand yanked all of the stink right out of the room! – Raina P.

Where To Buy

The only wrinkle with the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is that you aren’t going to be able to find it in any of your local retailers.

The manufacturer is the only place where you can purchase this air purification system right now. The company is doing this intentionally. They are able to keep prices very low, but they are also able to offer a much more personalized level of service.

Visit the manufacturer website today and order an air ionizer from Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Price

Purchasing a number of units will determine the price of this portable air cleaner. Buying in bulk will result in greater discounts. Prices are as follows:

  • One Blast Auxiliary Cleaner – $69.99
  • Two Blast Auxiliary Cleaner – $139.99
  • Three Blast Auxiliary Cleaner – $156.99
  • Four Blast Auxiliary Cleaner – $191.99

For 30 day gurantee, do not use the cleaner. To return the item in its original packaging, customers should first contact customer service by sending an e-mail to:


Does the fan feature different speed settings?

The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner features an automatic fan speed setting, but if you wish to set the speed manually, you can choose from Low, Medium, and High fan speeds.

What color is the nightlight?

You can choose between red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, fuchsia, and orange.

When should I replace the air filter?

Each filter lasts three months with standard usage. Additional filters are available at

Final Word

Auxiliary air cleaners, such as the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner, are the best way to purify the air you breathe. Utilizing the negative ion technology, it helps remove pollutants from the air inside the home and is environmentally friendly. The negative ion technology attaches itself to dust particles and makes them heavier, so you breathe only fresh air.

You don’t have to worry about technical skills with this product because it is so easy to use. Furthermore, it is very portable and compact. It is also extremely safe and affordable as well.

Even though there is very little evidence on how air cleaners work, the manufacturers and those who have used them make very strong statements about their effectiveness. So order your Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner as soon as possible.