Best Electric Head Shaver: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric Head Shaver: Complete Buyer’s Guide

A shaved head is a classic look. A slick, shorn cranium is simply iconic, regardless of your age. It’s essentially a men’s hairstyle that goes with everything, and having the best electric head shaver makes all the difference.

From Tom Hardy and Terry Crews to Bruce Willis and Jude Law, the masculine shorn-headed style combines striking aesthetics with a no-nonsense grooming regime.

Another advantage of a completely shaved head or a close-to-the-bone buzz cut is that it will make you look younger if your hair is thinning or balding. But which electric head shaver is best for the job?

While a shorn head is a classic look that you can achieve at home, deciding on the best head shavers to use can be difficult. There are thousands of head grooming products on the market, but many of them are flimsy or subpar.

Fortunately, we did all of the legwork for you. We’ll look at the best head shaver for you, the modern gentleman, and tell you exactly what to look for in a high-quality trimming product.

Before we begin our best electric header shaver for men journey, it’s important to note that in order to get the most out of your shiny new dome trimmer, you must first understand what you’re doing.

List of Best Electric Head Shaver

What to look for when looking for the best electric head shaver

As you look through our list of the best head shavers, let us help you determine what makes a perfect dome grooming product.


To begin with, any of the best head shavers will allow for both wet and dry shaving. Many electric head shavers can be used in the bathtub or shower, making them convenient and simple to use, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you find a head shaver that lacks wet and dry flexibility, you should probably look elsewhere.


Shaving your head shouldn’t take long, but by choosing a shaver with at least 60 minutes of battery life, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple grooming sessions between charges. Look for head shavers with at least 60 minutes of use time and a simple battery charging system, with USB charging being a great option. 


The optimal design of a head shaver will depend on your hand-eye coordination, palm size, and personal preferences. If you prefer a traditional grip, for example, you might select a shaver with a traditional barber clipper design, whereas if you prefer a palm grip, a skull-style shaver might be the best choice. For example, Groomie BaldiePro is a revolutionary new shaver kit designed to give bald or balding men the closest, most comfortable head shave ever.

The BaldiePro is extremely user-friendly due to its unique “handheld” grip that feels much more natural than other shavers. It is also extremely, extremely robust. According to BaldiePro’s website, their 10,000 RPM motor is one of, if not the, fastest on the market. To know more about this revolutionary product, read our detailed Groomie BaldiePro Review


You may simply desire something straightforward, but you’d be surprised at how many men’s head shavers come with clever additional accessories or features. You may require a variety of clipper options or additional grooming attachments, for instance. Or you may want something with a travel lock and a skin massager (if you’re a bit of a jet setter) (if you have a sensitive scalp). Consider your personal requirements for head grooming and compare a few available options. You will soon have the head-shaving device of your dreams.

How We Selected the Best Electric Head Shaver for a Hairless Head

The market is saturated with so-called best razors for bald heads. Therefore, we must acknowledge that it was not a simple procedure. Unfortunately, we were unable to test every bald head shaver on the market prior to writing this review.

Despite this, we are confident that these are some of the best electric head shavers for shaving your head currently on the market.

When selecting the best men’s head shaver, we considered customer reviews and our own experience.


How to use a head shaver?

To use a head shaver safely and effectively, you should first read the manual in its entirety to familiarise yourself with the product’s features.
Before use, you should fully charge your electric shaver, lightly dampen your head (or apply a pre-shave product), and shave from front to back or back to front (whichever direction is more comfortable) while pulling the skin tight as you go. Additionally, it is important to note that you should hold the head shaver with your dominant hand.

How to clean the head shaver?

You can use most contemporary head shavers both wet and dry (always double check yours before using it). However, you can effectively clean your shaver by tapping any excess trimmings into the trash can before opening the shaver head (or removing it, depending on its design) and rinsing it with water.
After cleaning your razor, be sure to dry it with a cloth or towel and store it safely.

What is the best shaver for a bald head?

The best bald head shaver for an individual varies widely based on his or her individual needs and preferences.
For a classic, clean bald look, however, designs of hand-held skull shavers with flexible, floating blades provide the best finish. Check out the definitive list of the best head shavers in the section above.


If you have reached this point, you are now an expert on electric head shavers. You are aware of the best electric head shaver to purchase and how to achieve the best results when shaving your head.

However, keep in mind that what works for your friend may not work for you. When choosing the best electric head shaver for YOU, you must take into account your unique needs and objectives.

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