Aeerum Wireless Earphones Review: Is It Really Worth?

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Review: Is It Really Worth?

Does your ears hurt after listening to music for a long time? Do you suffer from hearing problems and find it difficult to listen to music with your traditional earphones? We have a possible solution! Read more about the Aeerum Wireless Earphones in this review.

More than one billion people worldwide between the ages of 12 and 35 suffer or are at risk of suffering, to a greater or lesser extent, from hearing loss. Among these risk factors are a prolonged and excessive exposure to loud music and other recreational sounds.

Hearing health is an increasing concern in the tech world. As areuslt, a prestigious German sound company has developed earphones based on bone conduction technology that are revolutionizing the market.

We have tried them and can see the why the Aeerum wireless earphones are selling out in every store!

About Aeerum

Aeerum Wireless Earphones by Qinux

Thanks to their technology, these earphones do not obstruct the ear canal and will not damage your eardrums due to excessive volume, while still allowing you to remain aware of what’s going on around you.

  • Perfect choice for sports and walks: Allows you to be aware of your surroundings during outdoor training. This is almost a must rather than a recommendation.
  • If you suffer from hearing loss and/or wear hearing aids, Aeerum bone conduction earphones are the best choice.
  • Very light (29 grams), 6 hours autonomy during use and includes a USB type C cable for charging.


  1. Bone Conduction
  2. Comfortable Open-Ear Design
  3. Bluetooth 5.0
  4. Six Hours of Music & Calls
  5. Lightweight
  6. Compatible with both iOS and Android

What makes Aeerum Wireless Earphones better than others?

Aeerum Wirless Earphones with Bone Conduction technology

With the Aeerum earphones, you will discover a new way of listening to music or talking on the phone, keeping your ears completely free to maintain awareness of what’s going on around you.

Unlike traditional earphones, Aeerum wireless earphones do not cover the ear, so you can listen to your music and your surroundings at the same time.

This totally innovative experience makes them the ideal option to practice any type of sport, go for a walk, work in the office, etc. as they allow you to listen to music while still being able to remain aware of your environment.

These wireless Bluetooth earphones are selling out everywhere! Hurry up and get yours!

Main Benefits

BONE CONDUCTION EARPHONES: A new way of listening to music while having your ears totally free.

DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE EAR CANAL: They do not need to be inserted inside the ear, and therefore cannot damage the eardrum. They allow hearing impaired people to wear hearing aids at the same time.

THEY ALLOW SAFE SPORTS PRACTICE: By allowing you to hear what’s going on around you, they reduce the risk of accidents while practicing sports.

EASILY PAIRED TO THE CELL PHONE: Just press the power button for a few seconds and access the phone’s Bluetooth settings to select the device.

Light and Comfortable: They are very comfortable thanks to its light weight, rubbery feel, and good fit.

Perfect Gift: The perfect gift for relatives and friends.

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Review – Consumer Reports

An user wearing Aeerum Wireless Earphones

A really good option if you want to avoid an in-ear pair of earphones. They are really comfortable and they allow you to remain aware of your surroundings. Miguel Ángel P.

I am a hearing impaired person (almost 45%) and I wear glasses. I was looking for a pair of earphones that didn’t require me to remove my hearing aids and that I could wear with my glasses. I’m delighted! – Manuela T

They are perfect! They are very light, the sound quality is great, the battery life is excellent and they are able to connect to any device. Aeerum Earphones are easy and comfortable to handle. – Patricia C.

How much does it cost?

The most legit and reliable way to buy your own Aeerum Wireless Earphones is its official website. Also, they currently have a lucrative discount for each of the offers of Aeerum Wireless Earphones. So, I will never want to miss that if I were you. Right now, the best packages to seal your deals are: (Aeerum Wireless Earphones shipping available worldwide and price can be different currency wise!)

  • 1 for $89.95
  • 2 for $139
  • 3 for $179

The other two deals give free offers:

Plus, there is a section where you can buy extra accessories for your wireless earphones like waterproof transport bag, earplugs, headlight motion sensor, etc.

Where to buy Aeerum Wireless Earphones?

Just follow these 3 steps below to get yours:

  1. Add the product to your shopping cart.
  2. Choose the country of delivery, click continue and fill in your shipping and payment details.
  3. Use this limited time offer and get your product delivered to your door!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you skip to a different song?

Yes, you can skip songs, turn up the volume, pause, and resume song playback.

Do they support android?

Yes, they support 99% of the devices.

Are the calls audible?

Yes, they’re excellent for calling, you can hear and be clearly heard.